2/5/19 WWE Smackdown Recap

Feb 5, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown Results 05th Feb

SmackDown kicks of with Charlotte Flair, Charlotte says last night Becky refused medical attention, rogue behaviour got her suspended, hope she gets better and goes to WrestleMania, I know someone who is 100% healthy and would like to face Ronda Rousey. Charlotte points to the WrestleMania sign. We then see Becky Lynch come through the crowd and she enters the ring and says the man is back on SmackDown, Referees and Security appear.

Music of Triple H hits and he speaks and says Becky Lynch is suspended and needs to get medical clearance to have it lifted, Triple H tells Charlotte to leave, Triple H says you want to get cleared and go to WrestleMania see a doctor is all you have to do, just go home. Becky says I don’t trust any one of you or the McMahon family, Triple H leaves, Becky says How is Steph? is she medically cleared after I punched her in the face. Triple H says I bought into I’m the Man crap, you are not the man, your just a self destructor and a failure, stand with the smug look, looking to be a martyr, that is why when you scratched and clawed and got match with Ronda Rousey then came to Raw the next night on a suicide mission and called it medical prison, that is why now doing the exact the same thing and got to that opportunity and now same at WrestleMania, here we are again, with the convenient excuse because you are afraid to go the doctor and what he might say, I don’t think you are injured, is knee injured, you are scared he will say you can’t go to WrestleMania and scared if he says you can go to WrestleMania Ronda Rousey will expose you as the fraud you are, with the whole world watching on the biggest stage Becky Lynch fears Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch slaps Triple H. Triple H in the face of Becky Lynch and she leaves and leaves through the crowd.

Still to come Mustafa Ali Vs Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy Vs WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, up next is Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Commercial break

Tag Team Match: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Vs Rusev with Lana and Shinsuke Nakamura

Match starts with Anderson and Nakamura, Gallows tagged in, Rusev blind tags in himself, Gallows tries to get quick roll up but only a 2, Anderson rolls over the rope onto Rusev as we go commercial break.


When we return Rusev and Nakamura in control of Karl Anderson, knee to Anderson by Nakamura, Anderson with chop to Nakamura, uppercut by Anderson, Reverse exploder suplex by Nakamura, Kinshasa attempt missed and blocked into power bomb by Anderson, Gallows and Rusev tagged in and Gallows in control, (Lana shouts at Rusev to get up) Magic Killer attempt but stopped by Nakamura, Rusev with a Machka Kick to Karl Anderson for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura

We hear from Mustafa Ali about being in the Elimination Chamber surviving and possibly becoming WWE Champion.

Paige speaks about a movie about her family called Fighting with My Family which is released in a few weeks. (VT shown)

Commercial break

We are informed next week on SmackDown Mc&MizTV Segment with guests The Usos.

We see a VT with The Usos talking about challenging The Miz and Shane McMahon at Elimination Chamber and being on Mc&MizTV segment next week on SmackDown

Singles Match: Randy Orton Vs Mustafa Ali

Orton sends Ali into the corner, Ali breaks out with a chop, clothesline by Orton, Orton stomps on Ali, hanging suplex on the top rope, suplex onto the announce table, Orton brings Ali back in the ring, Orton with a superplex on Ali from the top rope.

Commercial break

When we return Orton in control of Ali, Orton hangs Ali on the bottom rope, Orton with a rear chin lock, Ali gives himself some space with a drop kick, Orton exits the ring, Ali follows and bounces Ali into the announce table, dropkick sends Orton over the announce table, Ali launches himself into Orton, Orton back in the ring, kick to Orton followed by a super kick, Orton with vintage DDT of the rope but blocked, face plant by Mustafa Ali for a two count, Spinning Tornado DDT of the springboard by Ali for a two count, Ali climbs the rope for inverted DDT but caught by a RKO by Randy Orton for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Randy Orton

We see highlights of finisher and its cut short and we see Samoa Joe hooked the Coquida Clutch on Randy Orton and then kicks Mustafa Ali out the ring. Daniel Bryan comes out and Samoa Joe approaches him till Rowan appears, Samoa Joe walks past as Daniel Bryan and Rowan head to the ring.

Commercial break

We see Samoa Joe backstage and he says every action has a reaction and Randy Orton saw that, at Elimination Chamber it will be destruction, end will see me raising the WWE Championship as the winner.

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and Rowan are in the ring, Daniel says finally I get to speak to people who understand what I am trying to do, (Yes chant) the people of Washington are intelligent, smart people and we need change, as the WWE Champion I speak to a global audience, people worldwide fatten their bodies, destroying the planet, so you see the people of Washington I am fighting an uphill battle, that is why I have created this – a Eco WWE Championship belt, old belt was a symbol of excess, not only is this title a signal for change as well as excellence, there are people threatened by this, Rowan says we are considered dangerous because of our ideas, our ideas have good intentions and that is why they fear us because Daniel Bryan holds that and people will try and silence him, Daniel says how dare you try and silence Rowan, I serve a greater power than corporate greed, I am the planet’s champion suits back there don’t like it and that is why I am being put in a match with 5 challengers inside the Elimination Chamber, I know what it takes, this situation is dangerous and painful (Elimination Chamber VT is shown). AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Mustafa Ali, Samoa Joe and the man I face tonight Jeff Hardy, those are the men who will be locked inside with me want to win and take it back in the past, you people need me as WWE Champion, most importantly the planet needs Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion. Daniel Bryan music hits.

We see Jeff Hardy watching the monitor, Kayla Braxton interviews Jeff Hardy, Jeff says no-one has disrespected the title and he is not interested in a debate, rather than confronting him I am going to shut him up in the ring, AJ Styles come in and says are you the guy to maintain this legacy, Jeff says after I shut Daniel Bryan up I will end this inside the Elimination Chamber.

Commercial break

We see videos of IIconics talking about winning Womens Tag Team Match, Naomi and Carmella talk about partnership. Kayla Braxton interviews Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville and they said rest of the teams need to step aside.

Womens Division Tag Team Triple Threat Match: Carmella and Naomi Vs The Iiconics – Billie Kay and Peyton Royce Vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

Match starts with Deville and Carmella, Rose tagged in, Billie Kay tagged in by Rose, Naomi tagged in, clothesline to Billie Kay.

Commercial break

When we return Iiconics double team Carmella, roll up by Carmella on Royce for a two, Rose tagged in, abdominal stretch on Carmella by Mandy Rose, Naomi tagged in, Sonya tagged in, swift kick by Naomi, Spinning kick to Billie Kay, step up kick, Sonya sent into Mandy and then Naomi with punches to Mandy Rose, Rear View to Peyton Royce, Mandy Rose drops Naomi with a face bomb plant for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

We see Andrade and Zelina Vega and they talk about a past Rey Mysterio, Legacy of Andrade begins with the end of Rey Mysterio.

Commentators talk about February being Black History Month. We see a VT featuring Martin Luther King Jr

Commercial break

We see video of Becky Lynch and Triple H confrontation from earlier tonight.

We see a video about SmackDown Womens Champion Asuka and is anyone ready for Asuka

Commercial Break

Non-Title Singles Match: WWE Champion “New” Daniel Bryan w/Rowan Vs Jeff Hardy

Daniel Bryan with kicks to Hardy in the corner, spin drop by Hardy, Hardy sends Bryan into corner post, back body drop, running kick to Hardy in the corner 3 times, Bow and Arrow by Daniel Bryan on Jeff Hardy, kick to gut by Daniel Bryan, low drop kick to Bryan sends him outside, Hardy runs round ring and goes for launch but Rowan stands in the way, Daniel Bryan drops Jeff Hardy of the steps as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break

When we return Bryan has Hardy in a hammerlock, Bryan isolating the arm of Jeff Hardy, knees and elbow to Hardy, Bryan missed moonsault, then DDT on Bryan for a two, then a drop on Hardy by Bryan for a two count, uppercuts exchanged, Twist of Fate blocked, Daniel Bryan sent to the outside, Caution to the Wind Dive by Jeff Hardy onto the outside, Jeff sends Bryan into the ring, climbs the rope but Bryan rolls out the way, Bryan sends Hardy into the middle rope and then kicks the rope,  Last Yes kick missed, Twist of Fate drops Daniel Bryan, Senton Bomb of the top rope nailed but Rowan pulls out Jeff Hardy causing a disqualification.

Winner via Disqualification Jeff Hardy

After the match ends Rowan attacks Hardy, then Yes Lock, then Samoa Joe appears and sends Rowan into post, then Samoa Joe hooks clutch on Bryan, Randy Orton out after Samoa Joe, then Mustafa Ali appears with double kick, then suicide dive, then Rowan drops Ali onto the announce table, AJ Styles clears the ring, forearm to Hardy, Knee to Samoa Joe, Dropkick to Randy Orton, Meanwhile Daniel Bryan escapes.

We see Daniel Bryan backstage and says why are you here to ask me questions, Kayla says you had Rowan help you, Daniel Bryan says he is my friend and I will be champion forever because the planet needs it.

We see AJ Styles celebrate in the ring.

SmackDown ends

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