Rusev feels “Rusev Day” is “DEAD”

Feb 4, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Rusev mentioned to Lilian Garcia how he feels that “Rusev Day” is “DEAD”

Lana brought up how it was never the same after Aiden English was separated from them which lead to Lilian Garcia asking Rusev “why did they break you guys up?”

“Who’s to say. They had different visions, management had different visions. But we fought and we fought we wanted to keep it going. If it ain’t broke there is nothing to fix. Whole WM on the WWE 24/7 was about “Rusev Day” we had top selling merch.”

Lana then added “With the company not pushing it made the fans want it even more.”

Rusev then brought up “We are way past Rusev day at this point. Aiden is an announcer on 205 now and we are whatever we are. So we got to move on. No one cares about it and we need to do something else.”

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