Lance Archer Not Allowed to Spit Water on Fans Anymore

Feb 1, 2019 - by James Walsh

Lance Archer spoke with Pro Wrestling Sheet (via Wrestling Inc about why he can’t spit water on NJPW fans anymore.

When asked if he did it to the wrong person, he said: “I guess so, a small portion of the NJPW audience—the majority of them loved it. I would go through the audience and do the water spraying, spitting throwing, and stuff. People were holding signs in Japan—in English—saying, ‘water, please.’ I came around the corner one time and an adult father had his child, maybe two years old, holding it up for me to come around the corner and spray the child. I said, ‘nope,’ went around the child and he was disappointed! There was a small portion of the audience that was complaining about bags and their hair. That got listen to and now I can’t do it.”

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