1/29/18 Smackdown Live Recap

Jan 29, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

by Felix Upton

Opening Segment

Becky Lynch took the ring and the crowd was full of “The Man” signs just like they were handed out or something.

Lynch got in the ring limping the whole time and if she keeps up that walk it could make her The Man for real from now on. Lynch said the Royal Rumble didn’t go as she would have liked it and unlike Ronda she doesn’t crumble when she loses.

She won the Royal Rumble with one leg. “Becky” chants broke out.

Becky said she’s proud that she came from nothing and how many heads she slapped to get there. She went from the kickoff show last year to the main event at WrestleMania and “nobody handed me nothing.”

“You deserve it” chants broke out next next. Then she said that she saw doubt in Ronnie’s eyes last night and then Lynch promised to break her arm in front of the entire world.

“If you don’t walk into WrestleMania believing that, you’ll be carried out knowing it,” Lynch said as Charlotte Flair came out to get some “woos” but plenty of heat from the crowd too.

Flair congratulated Lynch for making it off of the kickoff show at WrestleMania. Just a few years ago Flair vs Lynch vs Banks was a main event match for the Divas/Women’s Title. Suprise: Charlotte won that one too.

Flair said that Bex learned all of her lessons from her. Flair said “You’re welcome” and she did all of this for her. Then Becky Lynch punched Flair right in the jaw and it looked stiff. Charlotte dropped to her knees and The Man walked away.

As Becky left up the ramp, Flair gave chase and then the brawled. Charlotte threw Becky against the barricade before officials arrived for a pull apart.

“Let them fight!” chants broke out so they did. Lynch broke free and took Flair out. Notable names in this pull apart were Jamie Nobel and Adam Pearce among others.

Finally, they broke up the brawl and The Man walked away to a rousing ovation (you see what I did there?)

Shinsuke Nakamura vs R-Truth (US Title Match)

This match might be a consolation present for getting thrown out of the Royal Rumble by Nia Jax. Either way, Truth is getting a US Title match. Truth and Carmella got to do a little time on the microphone.

R-Truth said he got “jacked up” by Jax. Mella said they fought hard in the Mixed Match Challenge and he deserved to be in the match.

“For real, I don’t know what happened. One minute I was rapping, the next I was napping,” Truth said. Then he confirmed that the McMahon granted him the title match because of what Jax did to him.

Shinsuke came out before a dance break could happen which was disappointing.

Nakamura started the match with a kick to the face and a reverse exploder suplex. Truth countered a Kinsasha with a clothesline or a “Lie Detector” it wasn’t quite delivered perfectly and then Nakamura rolled out of the ring.

When they came back from commercial, Truth was taking some knees from Nakamura. Truth just let Shinsuke hit him over and over again with

Suddenly, R-Truth rolled up Nakamura and won the US Title.

Winnner and NEW US Champion: R-Truth

Rusev came down and he wasn’t happy. He demanded a US Title shot next and he was a real heel about it. R-Truth said okay, so that match will start next.

R-Truth vs Rusev (US Title Match)

When we got back from commercial, Rusev had Truth in a headlock. They brought up on commentary about how there are no more contractual rematches in WWE thanks to the New Era.

Suddenly, R-Truth scored a roll-up pinfall victory of Rusev after taking punishment through the entire commercial break.

Winner: R-Truth

Shinsuke nailed Truth in the back of the head as he was leaving and tossed him in the ring. Then Rusev and Shinsuke picked R-Truth apart as a team. They looked very ally-like.

When we got back from commercial, R-Truth was being tended to by medical staff. He said he’s good though. Carmella still looked worried.

Rey Mysterio vs Samoa Joe

Zelina Vega came out before the match started and talked some trash to Rey. She asked him if she distracted him last week just as Andrade jumped Mysterio from behind. Then he hit the Three Amigos suplexes just like Eddie.

He didn’t get the third Amigo off because Rey fought back, but Andrade took control and beat him down. Oh yeah, Andrade was in a three-piece suit and kept it looking crisp the entire time. I think that’s important to mention so I did.

So, Mysterio vs Joe didn’t happen.

Backstage, The Club walked up to Rusev and started getting on him for being a heel to R-Truth after he just “dogwalked over both of you.”

Rusev told Anderson to go back to catering and he can take his tall friend (Gallows) with him. Then The Good Brothers challenged Rusev and Nakamura to a match.

Rusev looked at Shinsuke and said he will only tag with him one time. Let’s just see about that.

Best Friend’s Championship Celebration Bash Best Ever

The Miz wanted champagne because they are in Phoenix and Phoenix is ready to party. Shane said he didn’t need confetti or champagne. He said the one thing he can do for The Miz is something that he will never forget for the rest of his life.

Then Shane-O showed a little video package to show his appreciation.

Then Shane introduced The Miz’s father. He received tons of “Mr. Miz” chants. The Miz said his dad was supposed to be on a flight this morning. Then The Miz’s father said he’s proud of him and they hugged.

Everyone got a huge case of the feels.

Then Shane booked a four-way elimination match for the #1 contender spot for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville were backstage and declared that they are in the Elimination Chamber tag team title match. So they just get to say they’re in the match while teams had to compete for a spot on RAW. Cool. Then they played some old Tough Enough footage that they dug up of Naomi coaching Mandy Rose so many years ago.

Mandy said she developed a complex after that Tough Enough segment and her boyfriend dumped her because of it. So she’s going to break up Naomi’s marriage. Then she said when they become tag champs that Naomi will be the last thing on her mind.

The Bar vs The Usos vs New Day vs Heavy Machinery

This is an elimination tag team match where the winner will be #1 contender for The Best Friends In The Universe’s title.

These four teams tagged in and out while The Miz and Shane McMahon watched on a monitor backstage. Corey Graves said it’s weird that Mr. Miz wasn’t with them and then he said Miz’s dad is on a plane already to go home and he’s changing his phone number.

The Usos and The Bar got a chance to work together to re-spark their rivalry. Heavy Machinery also got a chance to mix it up as Otis and Big E had a great moment as well when E tried to do an abdominal stretch on Otis only to realize it was impossible.

It all came down to The Bar and The Usos. Then Jimmy hit a splash and got the win. So it will be The Miz and Shane McMahon vs The Usos at WWE Elimination Chamber

Winners: The Usos

Daniel Bryan Speaks

Bryan came to the ring and he was along without Rowan.

“You know who won this Sunday at the Royal Rumble?” Bryan asked. Everyone chanted “Becky!”

He said, “not” then he said everyone won because he is still the Planet’s Champion.

He said that the Phoenix crowd doesn’t understand what he’s saying because they don’t know what winning feels like. Then he introduced Rowan as someone who believes in him.

Rowan came to the ring with a bag over his shoulder to his old music when he was a singles star years ago. They also put a recycle symbol in his name as the “O.”

Bryan said he is a hypocrite because he carried around that title. Then he asked for a garbage can and he pulled a Madusa and threw the title away while people chanted: “Recycle!”

He said that his title is made out of leather and he calls the cow that died for the title, “Daisy.” Huge chants of “Daisy” and “Thank you Daisy” broke out in the crowd as Bryan railed on about the symbol.

Then he threw the title in the trash and pulled out a new title more to his liking. It is wooden and made out of hemp. When Bryan said the word, “Hemp” the crowd popped.

Then AJ Styles came out and asked Daniel if he smoked the prototype. The crowd chanted, “Yes!”

Not too long after Randy Orton came out. Pretty soon the entire ring was full and then out came Mustafa Ali. Randy Orton said he got beat up by a girl at the rumble. Samoa Joe came out next. That didn’t go well for Ali.

Joe wanted to put a champion to sleep. He ran through a bunch of people including Jeff Hardy who showed up. Joe told him to treat this like an AA meeting and shut his mouth when he’s sharing with the group. Joe was on a roll.

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