1/28/19 WWE Raw Recap

Jan 28, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

Raw Results 28 Jan 2019
Live from Phoenix, Arizona

Raw kicks of with 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble Winner Seth Rollins. Seth comes out and says last week I said 30 guys would go at it for a chance at immortality and I would last it because of heart, determination, passion and love and tonight Seth “Freakin” Rollins is going to the main event of WrestleMania. I promised I wouldn’t do this but once in a lifetime and point at the WrestleMania sign and say I am going to Main Event WrestleMania, it is the beginning of the journey and have a choice to make where one path takes me to SmackDown to challenge Daniel Bryan or my other path takes me to suplex city where I challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship, (take his belt chant fills arena) and that will be a difficult decision and take time to think about it. Music of WWE COO Triple H hits and out he comes.

Triple H says so I am glad you live the dream and pointed at the sign, I looked you in the eye and challenged you to bring back Seth Rollins, known that dream of yours and it makes emotional, it was my dream and you stepped up to that challenge, Royal Rumble was designed to test the limits and see who can go and there is only 1, last night we found out who the one was and that is Seth Rollins, now you have decision to who you burn down at WrestleMania as does Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins needs to make his decision tonight, WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and WWE Universal Champion will be both here and need to know whose ass you are gonna kick at WrestleMania. Seth says that will be the hardest decision and if it needs to be done. Music of Dean Ambrose hits and he comes out and says so cute, makes me sick seeing you together, Triple H didn’t believe in you, I always believed in you, Triple H tried to stop us, Triple H says we going with this about you stabbing brother in back, Ambrose says doesn’t concern you, Triple H says everything in this ring concerns me, Ambrose says hope you beat either of them, Triple H leaves the ring and Dean says do you need permission from your father in law first, Triple H calls for a referee to come out right now.

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Singles Match: Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins

When we return match is underway and Seth in control of Ambrose, Rollins sends Ambrose into the barrier, chops exchanged on the outside, Rollins sent into the crowd and dive of the security wall. Rollins climbs top rope and kick to Rollins by Ambrose, Ambrose with chops and punches to Rollins, superkick to Ambrose by Rollins, kick to Ambrose, Ambrose goes to be powerbombed Rollins on the outside, missed, Rollins sent into ring post, 2 count by Ambrose, chops to Ambrose, knee to mid section of Ambrose, Rollins sent into the corner, suicide dive missed by Rollins, Slingblade countered into face plant for a two count.

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When we return Ambrose is in control of Rollins, Both men on top rope in the corner, cross body by Rollins, chops exchanged, Slingblade by Rollins, Suicide Dive to Ambrose to barricade, 2nd Suicide dive by Rollins, Falcon Arrow blocked, Suicide Dive 3 takes out Ambrose, Seth climbs rope and misses a frog splash, Ambrose with a rollup. Rollins drops Ambrose to one knee with a kick. Rollins cranks up for the Stomp as fans chant “burn it down!” now. Rollins nails it and covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– After the match, Rollins stands tall as his music hits. Rollins will make his WrestleMania 35 decision later tonight on which champion to face.

– Still to come, Ronda Rousey issues an open challenge for the title. Also, Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman vs. Drew McIntyre.

When we return Dean Ambrose is still sitting in the ring and says he has something to say till the music of Nia Jax and Tamina hits. Nia and Ambrose have a face off, then Nia attacks Dean Ambrose sending him out the ring.

Womens Division Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Qualification Match: Alexa Bliss and Mickie James Vs Nia Jax and Tamina

Bliss and Tamina start the match, Tamina shoves Bliss down, standing moonsault by Bliss for a 1 count, Nia tagged in, Nia knocks Mickie of the apron.

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When we return Tamina in control of Alexa Bliss, Bliss escapes, punch to gut, elbow to Tamina, Tamina drags Bliss to corner, Nia tagged in, Nia with a butt in the corner to Bliss, headlock to Bliss by Nia, Bliss sent into the corner, headbutt to Bliss, boot to Nia Jax, DDT for a 2 on Tamina by Alexa Bliss, Alexa tries to make tag stopped by Tamina, roll and Mickie tagged in, seated senton on Tamina, scissor takedown by James, neckbreaker by James, spinning head kick, Nia tagged in, Mickie face planted, Samoan Drop attempt, but Double Samoan Drop on Mickie James and Alexa Bliss for the win.

Winners via Pinfall and advancing Tamina and Nia Jax

We are informed Riott Squad Vs Natalya and Dana Brooke later tonight in another qualification match.

Dasha Fuentes interviews Kurt Angle about his match with Baron Corbin, Kurt says only person should be worried is Baron Corbin.

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Singles Match: Baron Corbin Vs WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle

Before the match Baron Corbin says in the past you wrestled with a broken neck, you don’t have a chance of one more run, when I hurt you its your fault and I will humiliate you, punch to Corbin. Bell rings.

Kurt Angle with a suplex to Corbin, clothesline by Corbin, 2 count, Corbin in control of Angle, with punches, Corbin with a chin lock, knee to mid section of Angle, Angle escapes out of the corner, Angle sends Corbin into ring post and then three German suplexes, Angle slam blocked by Big Boot, two count, Angle slaps Corbin and drops him with an Angle Slam for a two count, Ankle Lock on Corbin, Corbin escapes, Deep Six by Baron Corbin for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin leaves and then returns and drops Kurt Angle with End of Days.

Still to come Seth Rollins needs to make his WrestleMania decision. Ronda Rousey Raw Womens Championship Open Challenge. We see Finn Balor walking backstage heading to the ring passing WWE Superstars.

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Commentators talk about WWE Universal Championship match between Brock Lesnar Vs Finn Balor.

Music of Finn Balor hits and says he went toe-to-toe with Lesnar, I make no excuses, Lesnar beat me and then beat me again, I never felt speed and power like it and today I am hurt, I am not out here with head low, I am out here with head held high, Brock Lesnar beat me and again after I made him believe. Music of WWE Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley hits and comes out with Lio Rush, Lio says it is a disgrace you got a opportunity at WWE Universal Championship, almost beat him but would have no chance at beating Bobby Lashley, Lashley is faster, stronger than Lesnar ever will be, Balor says I lasted longer with Lesnar than you did in the Royal Rumble, Lashley kicks Balor and power bombs and choke slam drop twice and goes to leave, then a third choke slam suplex, Lashley raises the title high.

We see highlights of when Lashley, McIntyre and Corbin destroyed the elbow of Braun Strowman back in November. Still to come Braun Strowman Vs Drew McIntyre.

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Tag Team Match – The Revival – Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder Vs Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.

Revival in control of Hawkins, side suplex on Ryder by Scott Dawson, Wilder tagged in, Neckbreaker by Ryder on Dawson, Hawkins tagged in, dropkick by Hawkins, standing ensuguri by Hawkins, rollup by Hawkins for a two count, Shatter Machine to Curt Hawkins for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The Revival – Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Backstage Dasha Fuentes interviews WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan, Daniel says I won’t wait till WrestleMania and end Seth Rollins hopes tonight.

We see a VT about UNICEF Kid Power and WWE are teaming together to support young people. We see kids from the UNICEF KID POWER Group in the crowd.

We walk with Elias next

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It’s only 69 days to WrestleMania 35

Elias is in the ring and starts playing a song, and have one question Who Wants to Walk with Elias, really? It is interesting you do that and you let me down and need to be better, by the time you see me need to give me a standing ovation, you are in the presence of Elias but its too late, (We’re not worthy) chant fills arena, Elias says you are right, not anymore will I right songs for me, I have one right now, need people to silence cell phone, shut their mouths, Music of Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett hits, he comes out and says wait a minute slap nuts, you have a problem with me after last night. Jeff spells his name and music of Road Dogg hits and says you want to perform for yourself and play with yourself on your own time, if you are not down with that we got two words so suck it. Music starts and road Dogg and Jeff Jarrett start singing, Elias smashes the guitar over Road Dogg then goes after Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett with punches, punch to Elias, Jarrett grabs a guitar and punch to Jarrett by Elias and then smashes guitar over Jeff Jarrett.

Up next Womens Division Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Qualification Match: Natalya and Dana Brooke Vs Riott Squad – Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan and backstage Dana tells Natalya she is better than Ember Moon and better than you.

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We see Mojo Rawley talking to himself in a mirror psyching himself up.

Womens Division Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Qualification Match: Natalya and Dana Brooke Vs Riott Squad – Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan

Morgan and Natalya start, Logan and Brooke tagged in and in control, Logan sends Brooke into post, face splash bomb by Morgan for a two till Natalya breaks it up, standing step up ensuguri, Natalya tagged in, Natalya with a suplex goes for low baseball kick to no avail, then sharpshooter on Liv Morgan, and then Liv Morgan sends Dana into Natalya and then a rollup by Liv Morgan for the win.

Winners via Pinfall and advancing The Riott Squad – Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan

Still to come Seth Rollins decision, Braun Strowman Vs Drew McIntyre. Up next Ronda Rousey Open Challenge Match for Raw Womens Championship

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Ronda Rousey comes out for a Womens Division Open Challenge Match for Raw Womens Championship. Ronda says if you can’t dream big or ridiculous dreams then why dream, last year I stepped into the WWE and a year later I am Raw Womens Champion, Sasha Banks gave me the fight of my life, (Crowd chant Becky) and would like to thank Sasha Banks for making me better than I was. Ronda points to WrestleMania sign, Becky Lynch I know you are watching and has a choice to make, Music of Bayley hits, Bayley says I am one half of Hug & Boss Connection, I am out for a fight and how about you defend the title tonight.

Womens Division Open Challenge Match for Raw Womens Championship: Challenger: Bayley Vs Champion: Ronda Rousey

Ronda takes down Bayley, Bayley sends Rousey to the outside, Arm-bar on Bayley in the ropes, Bayley hangs Rousey on the ropes for a two count. Rousey knee drops out, Bayley nails Dragon Screw on bad leg of Rousey

Commercial break

When we return Bayley in control of Rousey, Rousey regains control with back elbow, but take down by Bayley for a two count, shoulder takedown to Bayley by Rousey, takedown by Rousey, Rousey can’t hook arm bar and Bayley takes her down, punches to Bayley, exploding elbow for a two, knees to mid section, Bayley applies a knee bar, Rousey escapes, rolls to the outside, Bayley to Belly on the outside.

Commercial break

When we return Bayley is in control and Bayley climbs the rope, lands on her feet, Bayley sends Rousey into corner post, corner drop kick, Bayley brings Rousey back in the ring, Bayley Elbow of the top rope, Bayley with the Banks Statement, Rousey gets to the rope, Bayley on rope, Rousey slips out, Armbar takedown of the top rope and Bayley locked in Armbar for the win by Ronda Rousey to retain title.

Winner via Submission and still Raw Womens Champion Ronda Rousey

After the match Ronda Rousey helps Bayley up, they shake hands. Music of Becky Lynch hits and she comes to the ring, Becky grabs a microphone and says look at this, The Man is back on Raw, I told you I would find a way to come back, I dropped you right there last time we met, even after that you never came looking for me, I came to prove you’re not the baddest women on the planet, last night I won the Women’s Royal Rumble Match, I don’t need time to think and I choose you, Yes chant fills arena, I will break your mystique and take your title and kick your ass in front of the entire world. Ronda says I want the world to hear this, how is your leg, I want my oponnent to be fit and want to beat the best version of Becky Lynch and I can break your face quicker than you can say Nia Jax, I can destroy you quicker with my hands without breaking a sweat, I stole the event whilst you were on the pre-show, I will own you at WrestleMania, Ronda Rousey leaves.

Still to come WrestleMania decision of Seth Rollins.

We see Seth Rollins backstage and Braun Strowman is there and Braun says you earned it last night, Braun shakes the hand of Seth Rollins and says make the right choice and make it happen,

Commercial break

Singles Match: Braun Strowman Vs Drew McIntyre

McIntyre with chops to Strowman, Strowman sends Drew into the corner, Shoulder take down by Strowman, Strowman goes for run around takedown but is stopped and sent into the barrier.

Commercial break

When we return McIntrye in control with a sleeper but side slam breaks hold, right hand to McIntyre, splash in the corner, chop to chest, McIntyre sent outside, McIntyre sends Strowman into post, McIntyre grabs Strowman by the beard but Strowman takes him down. Strowman grabs the steel steps and use it but Baron Corbin appears causing a Disqualification.

Winner via Disqualification Braun Strowman

After the match, Corbin attacks Strowman with a steel chair, Strowman punches the chair, Strowman sends Corbin into steel steps and drive by on McIntyre into barrier, then one to Baron Corbin, McIntyre drops Baron Corbin on the steps and turns around and walks into a Claymore Kick. Baron and Drew go to leave, then a double chokeslam on Strowman onto the steel steps

We see Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan talking, then we see Paul Heyman knock on the locker room door of Brock Lesnar

Commercial break

We are informed next Week Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross Vs Sasha Banks and Bayley in a Elimination Chamber Qualification Match.

Tony Rome introduces Seth Rollins but music of Brock Lesnar hits, Paul Heyman does his introduction for Brock Lesnar, Paul says this should be the easiest decision of Seth Rollins life, Seth only has one option and challenge Daniel Bryan, they will have a great grappling match and wrestling clinic, Seth doesn’t want to get into a fight with Brock Lesnar, it takes a special kind of being for a beating from Brock Lesnar and take what belongs to him, Music of Seth Rollins hits, Seth and Brock goes face-to-face, kicks to Lesnar and goes for a kick but is nailed with a F5, Lesnar nails a 2nd F5, 3rd F5 by Lesnar, 4th F5, Lesnar grabs the belt and nails a fifth F5 on the title. Lesnar raises the title. Rollins says is that all you got, knee to Rollins and 6th F5 as Raw ends.

End of Show

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