Matt Morgan Says Concussion Caused WWE to De-Push Him

Jan 27, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck recently interviewed former TNA and WWE Superstar Matt Morgan. Below are some highlights.

Morgan on suffering a concussion injury in WWE: “I got a concussion on a house show. Big Show was on my team – me, Brock and Big Show. Big Show got eliminated over the top rope then Bob Holly clotheslined me over the top rope. But the ring was still shaking from Big Show falling over the top rope. So, as I flipped over the top rope, you do a backflip and basically land on your feet and crash and burn. As I’m in the middle of my backflip, that second rope snapped back and smacked me in my head and knocked me out for about 2-point-something seconds.”

Morgan on getting de-pushed as a result: “The ref told me, ‘Stay your butt down, Matt. Do not get up – you’re screwed up. We’ll get you some help.’ I had so much heat on me because I was stretchered out of there… Bob didn’t do anything wrong, but what pissed me off was afterwards was I was de-pushed big time because of that. … I was shat on because I got hurt.”

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