Swagger Says He’s Looking To Trademark His Wrestling Name

Jan 26, 2019 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Sporting News, Jake Hager said that he’s planning to trademark his Jack Swagger wrestling name, as WWE does not have it trademarked. Here are highlights:

On the negative response to his MMA debut: “I definitely understand the negative responses. Some people work their entire lives to become a professional fighter and see certain guys with exposure or just a name, hop into the professional ranks. It can rub people the wrong way and have them very doubtful of your skills because they see first-hand the hard work and how many years it takes to master this. I wasn’t too surprised with the positive reaction because I know I have a good fan base. I think a lot of people do want to see what I have and have been saying it for some time now.”

On trademarking the Jack Swagger name: “I still have a very good relationship with WWE. That’s why they are allowing R-Truth to perform my entrance on Saturday. I thought that was a very good sign from them. It’s a little bit of writing on the wall from them. As far as the Jack Swagger name, they do not have it trademarked. I’m in the process of trademarking the name. I know there’s a singer who has it trademarked for musical performances but this isn’t music. I think I have a good chance of owning it down the line. I won’t have the name for this fight, but hopefully, by the second fight it will be Jack Swagger.”

On being compared to Brock Lesnar: “No, I’m not tired of that comparison. I look at it this way: Everybody has questions. Everybody wants to identify me as a fighter in a certain way. On Saturday, I’m going to answer all those questions. They’re going to see from the show who I am. The questions do get tiresome at times, but it’s part of the game. If people want to compare me to Brock Lesnar – there’s worse people to compare me to.”

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