“Rebel” Tanea Brooks talks WWE NXT Debut, Talking with AEW, Impact, more

Jan 19, 2019 - by James Walsh

Show: Interactive Wrestling Radio
Guest: Rebel Tanea Brooks
Date: 01/18/19
Your Host: James Walsh

Rebel Tanea Brooks has been in pro wrestling since 2014 first appearing on Impact Wrestling and making herself well known as part of the Menagerie. As time went by, we learned of her past experiences as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, the badonkadonk chick in the Honky Tonk Badonkadonk music video, and the Legacy Football League. We discuss all of this plus her more recent opportunities in 2019 with WWE NXT and being in Jacksonville with AEW in an awesome exclusive new interview!

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On her recent WWE NXT Experience:
“It was awesome! It was awesome to be there. It was just a first look. The door is opening. So, hopefully I’ll be on their radar.”

On her feelings of the Dallas Cowboys’ elimination from the playoffs:
“You know, it is always a big bummer! It is the Cowboys Curse! We always make it to the playoffs and then it is over. Getting over the playoff hump! It is brutal! I’m ready for the curse to break!”

On what attracted her to pro wrestling:
“I played tackle football. So, there’s that aggression side. I also have 15 years of cheerleading. Growing up, I also cheered for wrestling – Greco Roman Olympic style wrestling. My dad and my brothers were all wrestles, Greco Roman style. But, to be honest, growing up, I wasn’t allowed to watch professional wrestling. It was considered like a soap opera. I wasn’t allowed to watch soap operas either. They were dirty TV! (laughs) There was that. Plus, we lived so far out in the country that we didn’t really get the stations that aired wrestling. (laughs) So, that was another issue.”

On Christy Hemme’s impact on her wrestling career:
“Knowing Christy has its advantages and disadvantages. I’ve known Christy since way way back when we used to tour with a show group, a dancing and singing show group (Perfect Angelz)… When coming in to Impact, it was important… Well, lets just say this. I had to work harder because she did know me. There were no favors done for me. “There are no freebees” is basically what she said to me. “From here on out, it is on you, kid!” (laughs)”

On the changes in women’s wrestling since her start in 2014:
“It definitely has changed a lot. Starting out, in just the locker room is completely different these days. It is a different type of girl! It is a different kind of wrestling. I attribute it to the girls speaking up making their presence known and how they want things to be – Not having that fear of saying what they want and then being reprimanded for it. You know?”

On her first Impact run as part of the Menagerie:
“I loved the Menagerie. I wish we could do it all over again. I agree, though, we didn’t get the time, we didn’t get the push. I’m so confused by it. All I heard were positive things – That fans were behind it, the ones that knew of it. I feel like we were a dark faction and they pushed us as baby faces. So, it didn’t stick. Maybe people were confused? I’m not sure. All I got was good feedback! I’m still left confused on why and how it dissolved.”

On the characters just dropping off TV suddenly:
“That is an inside tip on the wrestling business. If executives leave the business or if someone thought of that idea, they’ll just dissolve it! We just disappear! Or, if they don’t like that story or if someone gets hurt, it just disappears! That is one thing I just don’t like – I don’t like that part of the business. Lets just finish it! Lets just address it. It is weird that people just disappear! Like, if someone gets hurt and you can’t be a faction anymore – Lets have that person have a storyline making that faction no longer. Whatever it is, I feel like there should always be a conclusion.”

On enjoying playing the heel character in the Dollhouse:
“Definitely! There is something to be said about enjoying being a heel so much. (laughs) That definitely felt right up my ally. That whole faction – The music, the colors, the outfits, the attitude. All of that felt so fitting!”

On why the Dollhouse disappeared:
“Well, I think everyone knows something happened in the UK when it was me, Mia, and Marti (Belle) and they decided that it was going to be (Awesome) Kong that would join the Dollhouse. She was not originally supposed to. So, something happened in the UK – I can’t remember what it was. So, they needed to shift things. And then, I think everyone knows what happened backstage with Kong.”

On her more recent exposure to Impact at the Rebel Entertainment Center in Toronto:
“It was fun to be Rebel wrestling at the Rebel! (laughs) Unfortunately, they didn’t do anything with that. But, the fans took it up and we ran with it online so that is cool. Thank you to the Rebellion! All the people who support me! Impact is always great to wrestle for. The locker room is completely different than when I started. It is a different group of girls but still fun. They have a great locker room to be in!”

On the announcement of AEW:
“I think AEW is going to be awesome. I’m very excited for them. I was with them in Jacksonville talking to them and doing stuff. I talked to Brandi (Rhodes) and she’s really proud that they’re doing the equal pay, I forget the wordage for it. So, basically, the starting out men will get the same as the starting out women. It is done in tiers. There is gender equality! That makes me very proud that this is happening. It is a very exciting time. I’m very excited for them. Of course, I would love to be a part of that as well! Who knows? We will see where the road takes me.”

On the crop of women’s talent out there today:
“There is a big market of fantastic wrestlers that haven’t been on TV yet that deserve to be seen. There are also a lot that aren’t good that are on TV! (laughs)”

On the different vibe in her NXT match than Impact:
“It is just different because I was a guest at NXT and in Impact, I was on the roster. It is just a completely different experience coming in as a guest in that respect.”

If she hopes to do more with WWE:
“I sure hope so!”

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