Booker T Returning to the Ring

Jan 18, 2019 - by James Walsh

Booker T will wrestle his first match in years tomorrow for his promotion Reality of Wrestling. He will face Rex Andrews. He’s only wrestled sporadically over the past few years. His last WWE match was a tag match in 2012. He’s also wrestled for his own promotion (teaming with Stevie Ray in 2015) and PCW (beating Lionheart in April 2016). His last singles match in the US was a loss to Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes in February 2012. ROW The Last Stand will air on Fite.TV on January 19 and is priced at $9.99. The show also features Mike Orlando vs. Ryan Davidson for the promotion’s Texas Championship, Steen vs. Connor Hollomon, The Industry vs. Team Fly Def in a Tag Team Championship match, Will Allday vs. Legion, Jabob Fatu vs. Bryan Keith, Van Harrison’s TV Title Open Challenge, Allie Reck vs. Hyan Olvera in a Women’s Championship match and more.

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