Humberto Carrillo Added Back to WWE Worlds Collide

Jan 17, 2019 - by James Walsh

Humberto Carrillo is back in WWE’s Worlds Collide tournament. WWE has placed Carrillo back among the 205 Live roster in the tournament, which takes place at Royal Rumble Access later this month.

Carrillo was removed from the tournament immediately after it was announced, with 205 Live listing a “Superstar to be Named.” WWE reportedly pulled Carrillo so as not to spoil his 205 Live debut this wqeek.

The tournament will kick off with a fifteen-man battle royal on January 26th which will determine the first round matches for the tournament, which begins latter that day with the battle royal winner receiving a first-round bye. It will conclude on Sunday, with the winner of the tournament awarded a future title shot.

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