Sasha Banks Discusses the Meaning of the Four Horsewomen

Jan 16, 2019 - by James Walsh

Ronda Rousey called out her upcoming opponent for the Royal Rumble, Sasha Banks, for using the Four Horsewomen sign and said that Bayley is Banks’ only friend in the bank. Earlier today, Sasha Banks shared a new Instagram post and said what the Four Horsewomen means. You can read her description below:

“The 4HW is about changing the perception of women’s wrestling in the WWE. Its about walking into an arena full of people, including some of the people in the back, who’s expections are lower than low, and knocking them on their asses. Showing the whole world that ” I was born to do this ” isn’t some catchy line, but a promise to them from me, that as long as I have a breath in my lungs, I will never go less than 💯. That’s why I throw up the 4 fingers. You throw them up cause you’re a fan… That’s the difference between you and I @rondarousey after #RoyalRumble you can go back to sitting in the crowd where you belong.”

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