Cody Rhodes: “I signed four people today”

Jan 15, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

When questioned about other companies signing talent, Cody replied, “So are we. I signed four people today alone more on That later. So we’re doing everything in our power and I think we cover a lot of ends of the spectrum for what we look for.

Matt and Nick look for a very next-generation style of talent and I look for a very traditional style of talent. We meet somewhere in the middle. I really like that the three of us are able to get out there and scout. This has been the last few weeks, it’s still very new to me. I’ve never been ‘this guy.’ Making the calls, ‘here’s what we’re offering, please let us know if you have any questions, let me get you the legal’ – some of this stuff to me, I get a kick out of it, this is my dream job.”

What does the future hold for Being The Elite once All Elite Wrestling is on television every week? Will we see elements of BTE incorporated into the AEW universe?

“Matt and Nick have done such a wonderful thing with Being The Elite,” Cody said. “Critics of it can watch and say it’s silly, but it translates to the live shows. I’ll give you the best example: Flip Gordon. He would not be in the role he is today with Ring of Honor without Matt and Nick. They helped showcase a side of me that I never had. They helped spotlight Marty. They’ve helped numerous talents. Until we get another medium, on our way to Double or Nothing, a great deal of what’s happening behind the scenes will be shown on Being The Elite.”

Cody joked, “We’re three idiots!” in reference to himself and AEW Executive Vice Presidents Nick and Matt Jackson. “A great deal of what we’re going to be doing is going to be on Being The Elite. I am sure that Being The Elite will be part of AEW as long as both of them are around because it’s massively important to all of us. Sometimes it’s tricky to film because they’ve always got that phone in your face, but it’s worth it. I think everyone whose ever been on Being The Elite for a second has benefited. This week alone, we have a debut in MJF. I love Being The Elite, I love what it’s done. Hangman Page is another great example. I am sure it will go hand in hand with AEW.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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