Alexa Bliss Changing Segment Does Huge YouTube Numbers

Jan 15, 2019 - by James Walsh

– If WWE was trying to get attention online with their Alexa Bliss dressing room segment, then they were successful. The Raw segment, which featured a stagehand walking in on Bliss changing, is well on its way to becoming the most watched video from last night’s episode.

As of now, the segment has 2.092 million views. That’s #2 for the night behind the video of Braun Strowman destroying Vince McMahon’s limo at 2.165 million. It is worth noting, however, that the Strowman segment was posted to the YouTube channel two hours before the Bliss segment, and that the Bliss segment is gaining viewers at a faster rate. The video is easily on track to top last week’s most-watched Raw video as well in the Hulk Hogan tribute to Gene Okerlund, which has done 2.297 million viewers in seven days.

The segment was reportedly done in order to add some Attitude Era-style sexuality to the show and, for now at least, appears to have garnered interest from fans.

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