Details On WWE’s Offers To Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page and Kenny Omega

Jan 12, 2019 - by James Walsh

The Wrestling Observer has details on the deals that WWE offered The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes and Hangman Page. All four men eventually turned WWE down and launched All Elite Wrestling with Jacksonville Jaguars co-owner Tony Khan. 

Triple H “worked hard” and offered unique deals to sign the men. Page’s deal would have been to work NXT for main roster money, and be pushed as one of the top stars of the brand. Meanwhile, the Bucks were offered a three-year deal for the same amount of money that AJ Styles is currently making. That would have included Being the Elite airing weekly on the WWE Network, and a six-month window that would allow them out of their contracts if they weren’t happy. 

The Elite spoke with Triple H for around twelve hours and praised him for how the situation was handled. Triple H also saw the humor of a recent BTE episode in which the Bucks superkicked Kazarian (dressed as Triple H) to turn down the WWE offer. 

Meanwhile, Meltzer also reported that the word going around is that Kenny Omega has also turned down WWE, which lines up with reports that he will sign with AEW when his NJPW contract expires on February 1. 

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