Major match for Lars Sullivan reportedly in jeopardy

Jan 11, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Dave Meltzer is reporting that WWE has been planning to have John Cena face Lars Sullivan at Wrestlemania 35 but there is apparently an issue with Sullivan.

Meltzer noted that Sullivan was actually scheduled to debut on the main roster (likely in a dark match) at this week’s RAW taping but either didn’t show up at the arena or did and then left the building. It was believed that Sullivan suffered an anxiety attack.

WWE reportedly talked things out with Sullivan and then was scheduled to have a dark match the next day at the Smackdown Live tapings. However, Sullivan once again did not show up for the match and apparently flew back to his home in Colorado.

At this time, it’s unknown how WWE will handle the situation. Sullivan was scheduled for a major push and the speculation was that an angle to set up the match was going to happen at the Royal Rumble

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