Report On The Backstage Reaction In WWE about The Formation Of AEW

Jan 10, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

So what was the backstage reaction in WWE to the formation of AEW?

Sean Ross Sapp had an interesting report on Fightful. This came after he spoke to several WWE Superstars.

Sapp says the unanimous response among the wrestlers he spoke to was it is a positive thing that there will be more places to work.

According to Sapp, there were a lot of wrestlers who haven’t heard anything about AEW’s business model. There were also some who had known about it since back in September. Among those who knew, the feeling is that it has a legit chance to success based on the top names involved and their knowledge of pro-wrestling in 2019.

Sapp reports that one wrestler told him they think Impact Wrestling will take the biggest hit after AEW’s formation. A handful of others told him that this is a positive thing to help fill the void that Lucha Underground has left.

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