SmackDown Results January 9, 2019

Jan 8, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown Results January 9, 2019

SmackDown kicks of live and commentators announce triple threat match between Carmella Vs Charlotte Flair Vs Becky Lynch to determine challenger for Womens Championship at Royal Rumble.

We go backstage to Daniel Bryan standing by a concession stand and complains about eating junk food and consume candy and soda and chant for AJ Styles, it is a empty void, Daniel grabs a hot dog and mocks him and then throws it in customers face, then goes to a guy drinking a soda and then mocks him and the plastic cup, straw and then throws the soda in his face, then goes to merchandise stand and asks for Yes Movement merchandise, guy says no, Bryan says it is dead, then grabs AJ Styles merchandise and mocks it saying it is useless like AJ Styles. Daniel appears then through the crowd and then says he will change each person indivdually saying people are impotent and need to change one person at a time. Daniel climbs over the barrier and as he does he is attacked by R-Truth and then referee breaks them up as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break

When we return match is underway between R-Truth and Daniel Bryan.

Non-Title Singles Match: R-Truth Vs WWE Champion Daniel Bryan

Truth in control of Bryan, till a trip and chop blocks in the corner by Daniel Bryan, Daniel with running drop kick twice and third one countered with a drop kick. jawbreaker by R-Truth for a two count, R-Truth missed running splash, Daniel Bryan nails a running knee for the win after R-Truth missed a corner splash.

Winner via Pinfall WWE Champion Daniel Bryan

After the match Daniel Bryan leaves and is on the ramp when he is attacked by AJ Styles till referees and security come out to separate them, AJ Styles grabs a chair and Daniel Bryan runs away.

Rey Mysterio comes down to the ring for tag team action.

Tag Team Match: Rey Mysterio and Mustafa Ali Vs Samoa Joe and Andrade “Cien” Almas

Match starts with Samoa Joe and Mustafa Ali, Joe in control of Ali, Ali in control with dropkicks and tags in Mysterio, Joe tags in Almas, huricanrana by Mysterio to Almas, but a dropkick to Mysterio by Almas for a 2 count,  Mysterio regains control, with a front roll slam, head scissor takeover by Ali to Almas, overhead kick, face first splash by Ali for a two count, back elbow by Almas, baseball kick sends Almas into Joe to make him legal, Ali sends Almas to outside and does a overoll to outside but lands in Joe who does a fall away slam on Ali onto announce table as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break

When we return Almas is tossed of the top rope by Mustafa Ali, Ali is hung on the top rope but falls, Ali is able to tag Mysterio and head kick by Mysterio to Almas, Joe comes in but nailed with seated Senton, Hanging DDT into Piledriver roll by Mysterio for a two count but broken up by Samoa Joe, 619 on Samoa Joe followed by a 450 splash, Almas back in and is setup for 619 and Ali goes over the top and onto Samoa Joe, meanwhile Almas counters 619, nails Hammerlock DDT on Rey Mysterio for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Andrade “Cien” Almas and Samoa Joe

Still to come Triple Threat Match Womens Match with winner facing Asuka at Royal Rumble.

We see a video with Carmella about her accolades and why she will take the opportunity and that is because Mella is Money.

We see The Usos talking about beating the Bar to challenge for future SmackDown Tag Team Championship match.

Commercial break

We see Shane McMahon in his office and The Miz comes in and says how come we aren’t in the Tag Team Championship hunt, you are a McMahon, Shane says I can’t abuse power, we need to earn it and stake out our competition. Shane receives a call and leaves.

WWE United States Champion Rusev comes out and says last week Lana got hurt thanks to Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev says I stand here not as WWE United States Champion, a superstar but a husband, Rusev says once you mess with my wife you cross a line and so Shinsuke Nakamura come out and I will crush each bone in your body and I will crush you. Shinsuke Nakamura appears on screen in TV Truck and says it wasn’t my fault and shows footage from last week where Rusev kicked Shinsuke and Lana fell from behind of Shinsuke Nakamura. Shinsuke says you crushed Lana, Rusev says you don’t come to me I come to you. We see Rusev running backstage to TV truck and Shinsuke appears and pushes a roller case into Rusev multiple times, then referees appear and separate them and then they check on Rusev. Shinsuke appears again and nails a Kinshasa knee strike.#

Still to come Triple Threat Match Womens Match – Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch Vs Carmella with winner facing Asuka at Royal Rumble.

We see a video featuring Becky Lynch about talking how she will win her opportunity to challenge Asuka.

Commentators talk about the loss of Mean Gene Okerlund and Hulk Hogan tribute last night on Raw.

Non-Title Tag Team #1 Contendership Match – Winners will get a future SmackDown Tag Team Championship match: SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar – Sheamus and Cesaro Vs The Usos – Jimmy and Jey

Match starts with Jey and Sheamus, Jey with a clothesline sends Sheamus out then back in and a dropkick, Cesaro and Jimmy tagged in, Run around ring and big chop to Cesaro by Jimmy, knee to mid section by Cesaro stops Jimmy, Sheamus tagged in, Jimmy nails with short clothesline for a two count, Jimmy hung on ropes by referee. Sheamus in control.

Commercial break

When we return Sheamus in control of Jey Uso, rolling Senton on Jey and then Cesaro tagged in and flying shoulder block, then Sheamus tagged back in, Jey hooked in ropes and nailed with chops, Jey with an ensugri kick, Sheamus tries to stop Jey tagging in but drop kick allows it and Cesaro in and a running back thrust in the corner (honoured Rikishi) for a two count, super kick to Sheamus, Flying Uso onto both and then Jimmy through rope sends Cesaro into the crowd, then brings him back in the ring and a cross body for a two count, Sheamus goes for Brogue Kick but missed, Jey tagged in and super kick by Jey to Sheamus for a two count as we go to commercial break

Commercial break

When we return Cesaro has Jey in a Boston Crab, Sheamus is tagged in, punch to Cesaro and headbutts to Sheamus, Jey climbs rope but knee to Jey by Sheamus, Sheamus goes for Celtic Drop of the top rope but Jey escaped, Cesaro tags himself in and goes for move of top rope but caught by a drop kick, Jey goes to tag Jimmy but music of Mandy Rose and she asks Jimmy did she leave bra and top in his locker room which causes a distraction allowing Cesaro to nail a Neutraliser for the win.

Winners via Pinfall SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar – Cesaro Sheamus

The Miz comes out in a suit and says Winners are Sheamus and Cesaro The Bar, Miz says me and Shane McMahon want to congratulate you, we want to offer you the opportunity to defend your Tag Team Championship at Royal Rumble against the team you haven’t beaten, Cesaro grabs the microphone and says why would you challenge when you haven’t teamed up and are untested and both have daddy issues, Sheamus drops The Miz with a Brogue Kick. Cesaro says we accept.

We see Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville walking backstage and Naomi appears and then attacks Mandy Rose but a double team attack on Naomi till Jimmy appears and Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville leave.

We see a video package with Charlotte saying she will earn her opportunity by winning the match and both will be humbled by the queen.

Commercial break

Backstage: Daniel Bryan says AJ Styles wasn’t half as vicious I will be when I face him at Royal Rumble and he will never take the championship from the New Daniel Bryan.

The Miz is backstage with Shane McMahon. Miz is clutching his jaw. They talk and argue. Shane says he wanted them to earn the title shot and says this isn’t how he wanted it to go down. Shane asks Miz if he really thinks they can win and he does. Shane says let’s do it at the Rumble.

#1 Contendership Womens Division Triple Threat Match for the SmackDown Womens Championship: Charlotte Vs Carmella Vs Becky Lynch.

Charlotte, Becky and Carmella stare each other down, Flair sends Becky to the floor. Carmella rolls Flair up or a 2 count. Flair rocks Carmella but Becky comes in and nails them both. Becky clears the ring of both opponents. Becky sends Carmella to the floor as we go to commercial break.

Commercial break

When we return Charlotte climbs the rope but Becky pulls her down, then they toss Carmella out the ring and Charlotte and Lynch go at it, chops and punches exchanged, Charlotte gains control with chops, Thez press by Charlotte for a two, broken by Carmella, Flatliner by Carmella on Lynch but then a DDT to Lynch and Code of Silence by Carmella, Becky climbs the rope and takes out Carmella, release suplex on Lynch by Charlotte, Charlotte with a kick to Carmella, Flair climbs the rope and nails moonsault on both Lynch and Carmella and gets a two count,

Commercial break

When we return Carmella and Charlotte in the corner, Lynch with a suplex to Charlotte attempt of the middle rope, broken by Carmella, forearm to Charlotte, leg lock whip attempt, huricanrana by Carmella on Flair for a two count, Carmella kicks Flair out the ring then kick on Becky Lynch then launches through the rope onto Becky Lynch, Charlotte missed her reverse moonsault of the top rope, Bexploder on Lynch on the outside. Lynch sends Carmella into barrier, Lynch sends Carmella back  in the ring and then Flair boots Lynch and goes for pin but a two count, Natural Selection on Lynch by Flair but Carmella with a DDT to Flair, Carmella pins in Lynch broken by Flair, all women down, Carmella slaps Flair but chops to Carmella and then Figure 8 hooked on Carmella and then dive by Lynch of the top rope for a 2, then a disarmer on Flair by Lynch broken by Carmella, Carmella sends Flair to the outside, spear to Lynch, kick to Flair, Becky Lynch with Disarmer on Carmella for the win when Carmella taps.

Winner and #1 Contender for SmackDown Womens Championship Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is in the ring celebrating and music of SmackDown Womens Champion Asuka hits, Asuka comes down to the ring. Asuka circles Lynch who circles Asuka, Asuka raises the belt, they argue as SmackDown ends.


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