Spoilers: Impact Wrestling Results For First Episodes On Pursuit TV / Twitch

Jan 7, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor, Nick Hausman for sending in these results from tonight’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings in Nashville:


* Bram & Caleb Konley vs Crimson & Jax Dane (The War Kings). The guest ring announcer is 10-year-old, Tucker, who is an Impact VIP. Crimson & Jax pick up the win with an F-5/Cutter variation finisher. Crowd was way into Crimson and chanted “Welcome Back”.


* Johnny Impact starts the official Impact TV tapings with a promo about what Killer Kross did to Taya at Homecoming. Crowd is chanting, “We want Cage”. Cage cuts off Johnny to a big reaction. Cage says Johnny’s Survivor buddies saved his ass. He claims he’s the rightful champion and wants his rematch right now. Killer Kross interrupts. Kross talks about how Cage had Johnny pinned for a ten count at Homecoming. Kross says that when Taya comes back he’ll put her back in the hospital. Johnny kicks Cage in the face and takes out Kross on the outside. When Johnny gets back in the ring, Cage lays him out. Kross attacks Cage who pops back up. Kross retreats. Cage grabs the title and holds it over his head as the crowd chants, “Next world champ”.

* The Lucha Brothers def. Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz (The Rascalz) via pinfall. Awesome match!

* Josh Mathews interviews new X-Division Champion, Rich Swann. Swann puts over many former X-Division champs, including AJ Styles, and puts over his Homecoming win. Sami Callihan interrupts. Eventually Sami offers Rich an oVe shirt and tells Rich to put it on. Before Rich can decide, Willie Mack attacks Callihan. Rich helps separate Willie and Sami with the help of several refs. This leads to Sami vs Willie.

* Willie Mack def. Sami Callihan via pinfall. This was a Homecoming rematch and may have been better than the match they had at the PPV.

* Scarlett Boudeaux announces that she will pick the winner of her talent search next week. She then teases getting completely naked before Gama Singh and the Desi Hit Squad cut her off. Gama tells her not to humiliate herself and to wait and show them next week, in private, when she chooses them. SCOTT STEINER cuts off Gama Singh. Big pop. Scott says Gama ruined his chance at seeing a freak get their freak on. Desi Hit Squad attacks Steiner but he lays them all out. Steiner sits down in a chair as Scarlett does a strip tease and lap dance on Steiner. Scarlett leaves.

* Killer Kross def. Johnny Impact in a non-title, no DQ match via chokeout. Moose interfered to help Kross win. I believe this is the main event of the first show.

* Tessa Blanchard def. Cali via pinfall with Gail Kim’s Eat Defeat finisher.

* It seems that Impact blew out the power to the truck/building. Tommy Dreamer came out and announced it as Eli Drake having mic problems. They are sending out another match now and I think Eli will do his bit later.

* Crazzy Steve def. Logan James via pinfall. Crowd was way into Steve. Not sure if this was even filmed with the power out. The camera guy was sitting on a chair not working.

* Ethan Page def. Eddie Edwards via DQ after Eddie uses his kendo stick. Eli Drake was on commentary. Post-match Eli takes the mic and cuts a promo on Eddie.

* Jordynne Grace def. Allie via pinfall. Su Yung was in Allie’s corner and Kiera Hogan was in Jordynne’s corner. Post-match, the lights went out and Rosemary appeared in the ring and scared Allie away.

* Caleb Konley def KM via DQ when Brian Cage hits the ring to attack KM. Post-match Cage lays out Fallah Bahh with a PowerBomb off the top rope. Cage then points to the ref, the same one from Homecoming, and lays him out, too. Cage then takes a mic and says he’s coming to Mexico City next week to take the title from Johnny Impact. Johnny comes out but before he can talk he is attacked by Killer Kross and Moose. Cage drags Johnny’s lifeless body to the ring and goes to lay him out. Moose and Kross charge the ring and lay them both out.

* Rich Swann def. Trey Miguel via pinfall. Post-match, oVe offers Swann an oVe shirt once again, and Swann looks confused.

* LAX def. oVe via pinfall.

* Brian Cage def. Moose via pinfall in the last match of the night. It was a strong final match.

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