Kavita Devi Was Proud to Be in Mae Young Classic, Explains Why She Wrestles in a Salwar Kameez

Jan 4, 2019 - by James Walsh

Kavita Devi discussed her appearance in the 2017 Mae Young Classic, her ring attire and more during her interview with Wrestling Inc. Highlights are below:

On her training at the WWE Performance Center: “Every day is different, and there is something new to learn every day. From the try-outs to today, you can see a massive difference in my personality, my life, my lifestyle and my work in the ring; I’ve improved a lot. I currently live in Orlando near the Performance Center, and I train there. I’ve learned a lot, and I train with world class athletes every day. So, everything is new, and every day is a different challenge, which is exciting.”

On using a salwar kameez as her ring attire: “That was my personal decision, and there was a reason behind my taking the decision. People think that the female talent in the WWE only compete in short tights, when we look at talent in the United States. So that is the idea, the notion that people have here, and that’s when I decided to reveal our culture and tradition to the people in the United States, to the world. And through this, I also wanted to change the ideas and perception of people in India, and ensure the future Indian female talent that sign with WWE won’t have any such barriers, when it comes to ring attires.”

On competing in the Mae Young Classic: “The experience was great, and I felt extremely proud when I competed in the Mae Young Classic tournament, and when I stood in the ring wearing salwar suit. Also, when the name of the country was announced, I think that wasn’t just my victory, but the victory for the entire nation of India.”

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