Sean Waltman Comments on The Formation of AEW

Jan 3, 2019 - by James Walsh

On a recent episode of his podcast, Sean Waltman shared some thoughts on the formation of AEW…

“One minor {thing} and I don’t know if it’s a concern, does it lose some of that punk rock feel? You get what I am saying? The ‘do-it yourself, we gotta get behind this,’ but I hope the enthusiasm stays because everyone complains ‘we need another major player in the industry’ so please support it… don’t all of a sudden ‘oh it’s not the cool thing because everyone else is getting to see it too.’ It’s not as much of underdog when you got millions behind you… and it’s not like ‘we’re just gonna start this company from scratch and all of a sudden here it is.’ There is this history, and all this work that was done… And now you see everyone like okay headline, ‘ Davey Boy Smith Jr. signs with MLW, so and so signs with Impact, so and so this’ everyone is staking claim, ‘we’re gobbling up the guys that we want specifically on our team’… One thing I gotta say about this, about All Elite Wrestling is so many people in the industry that are sure they know how its done are all jumping in, I see ‘so and so’s advice, this person has advice” As nice of you and your advice but these guys have come along because they kinda went their own way. Not that you don’t want to take advice, but filter it, it might be sound advice for somebody but somebody else…. Just wish them well and get the f*** out of the way. {laughs}”

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