Bully Ray says pro wrestling needs more real heels

Jan 3, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

“A good heel elicits no emotions of joy from a wrestling crowd. A real heel is despised. A real heel is hated. A real heel does nothing that brings any happiness to anybody at any given time. And I really, truly believe that, and it’s a very old-school mentality when it comes to the heel that I am. In wrestling today, you have a lot of bad guys; there’s some bad guys, there’s some bad girls, but there’s no real heels. I talk about real heels, and I think even a better definition of what I do is I believe I’m the last of the ‘old-school’ heels. New-school heels are good from time to time, but they tend to be a little bit more entertaining, and I don’t think that my heels should ever be entertaining first. If being entertaining is a by-product of what you’re doing, you can’t control that, because some people just root for the bad guys, and you can’t help that. I try to do my best to make sure that everybody hates me, and in-turn, if everybody hates me, that means they love the good guy that I’m in there with. That’s my job, and a lot of people don’t stick to their job nowadays.”

source: Busted Open Radio

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