Sami Zayn: “I’m not even close [to being cleared to return]”

Jan 1, 2019 - by James Walsh

During his appearance on Talk is Jericho (transcript via Wrestling Inc), Sami Zayn revealed that he’s not close to returning and that he’s enjoyed his time off…

On His Shoulder Surgeries: “Oh man, a whole lot [is going on], I would say, and nothing all at the same time,” Zayn shared. “And I know [pro] wrestling fans maybe don’t want to hear this, but I’ve been loving being off. I think maybe wrestling fans want to hear, like, ‘I can’t wait to get back and I miss everything,’ but I don’t know. I had both shoulders [operated on]. I don’t miss it! What is up with that?”

On Not Being Close to a Return: “Maybe I’m overstating my lack of desire to return,” Zayn prefaced. “I do miss performing, but like [Jericho] said, I’ve been doing this a super long time. We’re on the road a lot. [Jericho] know[s] how it is. I just know that when I’ll be back, I’ll probably enjoy it. But I’m not sitting there itching and clawing [to return]. And I don’t know that my employer will want to hear that, like, ‘does this guy not care?’ But, no, I’m not even close [to being cleared to return]. I need a couple more months!”

On The Decision to Get Surgery: “It was really when the second one started getting bad [he considered taking time off],” Zayn recalled. “I was a little concerned for other people’s safety. If I can’t [catch someone or bodyslam someone], yeah, yeah. I’m starting to get a little worried about it and it was really when the MRI came in and it confirmed my worst fears, which is something was torn because I thought, ‘oh, it’s just bothering me.’ And we’re on the road so much just trying to maintain, but then there comes a certain point where it’s like, ‘this isn’t going away’ and so at a certain point, you have to confront it.”

On His Time Off: “I swear to God, this whole time off, maybe that’s why I haven’t really been drooling to get back,” Zayn considered. “One, because I knew I had a long road ahead of me, but also, in this time off, it’s more time than I ever had to just stop and think, and just think about everything. And [Jericho] know[s], me already. I’m already somewhat of a pensive person, right? Right, I don’t know. I just think about things. And now, I have more time to think about broader things, but also more time for introspection.”

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