1/1/19 Smackdown Live Recap

Jan 1, 2019 - by staff

by Sean Banner

Good Evening everyone Sean Banner coming at you again with your New Years Day Smackdown recap. Enjoy!!!!

John Cena’s return is announced, as well as a Fatal 5 way for a title shot versus Daniel Bryan is announced.

The New Day is out for a New Years Celebration. They announce they will all participate in the Royal Rumble. They say they could challenge for the Universal Title but that guy doesn’t show up! (LOL) They say their doctor advised them to no longer eat pancakes, but Big E eats one and says no one listens to their doctor anyway. They promote the movie Bumblebee and the show Birdbox. They the. Talk about the fatal 5 way and who will be the 5th entrant. Jeff Hardy comes out.

Samoa Joe out. He will face Jeff Hardy for the last spot in the fatal 5 way.

Samoa Joe beats Jeff Hardy in 10:21 via Coquina Clutch to win the last spot in the fatal 5 way for a title shot versus Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble.

A recap of last week’s segment between AJ Styles and Vince McMahon.

Vince and Shane McMahon are talking when AJ Styles comes in. AJ says he won’t apologize for last week and they will see the real AJ Styles. Shane tells Vince be careful what you wish for.

A Rusev Day segment is next.

Rusev is out with Lana. Rusev says he takes pride in the title. He will have a long reign and will defend the title against anyone. He pledges allegiance to the US title. Shinsuke Nakamura jumps Rusev from behind. Lana jumps on Nakamura’s back. Rusev hits Nakamura with a Matchka Kick, causing Nakamura to fall on Lana. As Rusev is tending to Lana, Nakamura hits a Kinshasa on Rusev.

John Cena’s return is announced.

A recap of the segment between Jimmy Uso, Naomi and Mandy Rose is shown.

Sonya DeVille defeated Naomi in 2:22 after a DDT. Mid Match, Mandy Rose gets on the mic and says she sent Jimmy Uso a picture of herself wrapped in a towel.

Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Mustafa Ali talk about the fatal 5 way.

A John Cena return promo is shown.

The Iconics, Gallows and Anderson, and Shelton Benjamin discuss their New Years Resolutions.

Samoa Joe discusses the Fatal 5 way.

John Cena out. Cena talks about the crowd reaction and his 2018 in review. Cena says since some one is going to come out anyone, he calls out someone to face him. Becky Lynch is out. Becky asks how does it feel to expect a man to come out but gets The Man instead. Becky says she is aiming for John Cena because he has been on the Marquee for the last 16 Years and it is time for some one new. If  Cena has a problem with it, Nikki Bella won’t be the only woman to drop him. Zelina Vega and Andrade “Cien” Almas come out and trash talk Becky and Cena and 2019 will be the year of Tranquilo. John Cena says be thinks Vega can beat up Almas and Challenge them to a match versus him and Becky. Vega and Almas accept.

Becky Lynch and John Cena defeat Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega in 10:10 after Becky makes Vega tap to the Dis-Arm-Her. Mid match, Cena hits the AA on Almas, and Becky throws Cena out of the ring. Vega tries to jump Becky, leading to the finish.

A recap of Miz TV with Shane McMahon is shown.

Miz walks up to Shane and proposes their team costume. While Miz is talking, Shane walks off on him.

A Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery and EC3 promo is shown.

HHH is talking to Asuka. HHH asks who Asuka wants at Royal Rumble. Asuka says she will fight anyone. Charlotte, Carmella and Becky all make their case. HHH says he will take it under advisement and let them know his decision.

AJ Styles defeats Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Mustafa Ali in a Fatal 5 Way in 13:07 after a Springboard 450 Splash on Orton.

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