Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate wrap up independent dates, now exclusive to WWE only

Dec 31, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Both WWE UK champion Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate have finished up their bookings on the independent scene and will now be wrestling exclusively for WWE. Their exclusive deals even prevents them from wrestling for PROGRESS Wrestling, which has been helping WWE set up their NXT UK brand.

“Finished my time on the British independent scene tonight. Closing out a week that saw me in New York, Germany, Spain and London. 13 years that I wouldn’t change for anything, on to the next chapter,” Dunne wrote in a tweet.

It was later followed by another message from PROGRESS Wrestling’s Jim Smallman, who thanked both stars for their work. “For everything you’ve done in @ThisIs_Progress and for British wrestling in general. The sky is the limit for you both. Scary how talented you both are,” Smallman said, adding that he would not be missing being flicked with towels and having coats thrown at him.

Dunne and Bate are two of the few NXT UK stars who will be no longer allowed to wrestle anywhere else like in the past year. Those who got exclusive deals got a good pay increase in their WWE contract as compensation.

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