Impact stars with notable title victories

Dec 30, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

If you’ve watched the Winter Finale on Amazon Prime then you know that this man, Killer Kross, is the new Ring Warriors Grand Champion.

Our question to you the fans, is in 2019 WHO would you like to see Kross defend the title against?

Would you like to see him go one on one with one of the men he has already tangled with like Luke Hawx or Eli Drake?

How about someone else on the Ring Warriors roster like Alexander Hammerstone, Wes Brisco, The Tokyo Monster Kahagas, Alex Chamberlain or Lance Archer?

Perhaps there is someone from Ring Warriors past that you’d like to see make a return? Or would you love to see him throw down with the likes of Sami Callahan, MJF or even someone like Colt Cabana?


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