ROH Dojo Operations Manager Danny Cage talks Training, Women’s Wrestling and Family

Dec 29, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Ring Of Honor Wrestling has named Danny Cage their new Operations Manager of the ROH Dojo! Danny dropped by the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast to discuss his new role, Overcoming Criticism, Women’s Wrestling and so much more. (19:02 Mark):

New Role With Ring Of Honor Wrestling (20:03)
I’m the Operations Manager of the ROH Dojo! I coach over there, handle their social media and also run all of the Future of Honor Shows out of the World Famous Monster Factory. All tapings for Future of Honor will happen at the World Famous Monster Factory going forward.

ROH Dojo being a Pipeline for ROH (20:39)
We’re rebranding the ROH Dojo with our great team of coaches and we’re really looking forward for things coming together. I signed an exclusive contract so I’ll deal directly with just Ring of Honor. It’s a direct pipeline which makes sense because Ring of Honor does not train people new. You have to have experience and get there from being referred by one of the four affiliated schools; The World Famous Monster Factory, One Fall Power Factory in Georgia, Bully Ray and Devon’s 3D Academy in Florida or Maryland Championship Wrestling. The only other way to get in is to impress the coaches at one of the camps enough and we selected you to move up and train at the ROH Dojo.

Strength and Conditioning (23:39)
In the very beginning of the World Famous Monster Factory I had the mentality of we’re just a wrestling school, we’re going to teach them to wrestle and everything else is on them. Within two years of that I realized we weren’t doing any strength and conditioning and really weren’t doing much other than what was going on inside of the ring. I quickly learned that it’s all fine and good to say it’s on the kids to do that, but when the kids leave and go somewhere and blow up and are not in shape, they look like crap. Everyone is going to ask where did he train and then it would fall on me. So I decided after those first two years that no one was ever going to blow up again at our schools. I implemented a lot of strength and conditioning that I learned when I was an amateur wrestler and got some from ROH, WWE and coaches like Rip Rogers, Les Thatcher and Dr. Tom Prichard. Today if you’re brand new to Wrestling, you’re probably not going to get through our strength and conditioning warm up; at least not at first. But everyone in our class can make it once they’ve been there a while.

Importance of Developing Talent from Within (28:09)
It’s key! I want people to be talking about who’s coming to Ring of Honor Next? Who’s going to get called up from Future of Honor? I want there to be instant buzz when it starts hitting Youtube and Facebook. I want chatter; people wanting Honor Club guys making it up to the main roster. I don’t’ want it to be who’s going to get signed, I want it to be who’s going to step up and who’s going to get called up from Future of Honor.

Overcoming Criticism (27:47)
Somebody mentioned to me “It’s going to be tough for you because you never did xy and z.” I don’t care if I never made a lot of money wrestling in the ring. What I have done is the people that I’ve coached and who have been under my learning tree have gone on to make a lot of money wrestling in the ring. If you’re coming to me to learn wrestling, I figure you’d come to the guy with the track record of getting people signed. I’ve had the most people signed of anyone in the world in the past 7 years and I’ve only been training people for 7 years. I can easily just sit in there and teach them some cool moves and make myself seem cool, but where are you going with it? You’re not going anywhere and you’re not learning the other important things in pro wrestling.

The Evolution of Women’s Wrestling (33:14)
I love it and think it’s long overdue. Women weren’t held down before or anything like that, but if you only have a small pool of women training to become wrestlers then you only have a small possibility of having success. Now there is a lot more girls training. I believe it started with Amateur Wrestling; girls started doing amateur wrestling and judo and stuff like that. The problem I see is it being too deluded now. I’d like to see it be the best of the best and not just people throwing them out there because they are women. We’re seeing that now in the WWE where they literally have the best of the best in Women Athletes. The matches they can put on are incredible and to see how quick Ronda Rousey picked it up is amazing to me, but that’s a very high bar that was set. As pioneers and people going into this new territory the Women really have to step up their game because now it’s going to be scrutinized even more especially now that shows are going to revolve around them in the main event.

Contact for ROH Dojo and Monster Factory Trialing (35:22)
Call or text me at (609) 471 7904 or they can Email me at MonsterFactoryTV@Gmail.Com

Family and Reality (35:50)
My family think it’s cool that I’m getting better known for doing this because it was real hard times in the beginning. My one daughter is in cheerleading right now and my other one is upset because her haircut is too short and she’s worried she’s going to get made fun of at school. That’s when reality hits you that this wrestling thing really isn’t that big and haircuts are the important thing.

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