Jeff Cobb Was Surprised to Win the ROH TV Title

Dec 26, 2018 - by James Walsh recently interviewed ROH TV champion Jeff Cobb, who discussed becoming champion and joining ROH. Below are some highlights from the WINCLY Podcast.

Jeff Cobb on if he feels like a gatekeeper in ROH: “I guess a part of me does. I feel like the guys who have had longer tenures at ROH are the gatekeepers. Guys like Silas Young and Jay Lethal – they’ve been with ROH for more than a cup of coffee, have had great matches and are locker room leaders. If you look at Punishment Martinez and Hangman Page, I’m not really a gatekeeper. I’m more of a ‘lock the door, kick ’em out’ guy…I’m just there to do my job and steal shows. If I suplex somebody and they don’t come back, that’s not my fault.”

Cobb on what he learned from Punishment Martinez: “He was the previous champion so he definitely helped me out with how to represent the company. ‘This is how you carry yourself. This is how you represent the company, represent the belt, represent your peers.’ My interactions with him weren’t as much as I would have liked… but he definitely helped out in the short time that we had.”

Cobb on being shocked to learn he was winning the title: “I was more shocked at how quick the belt was coming to me on my first official ROH match. I definitely was very shocked that day showing up to the venue. Well the day before. There was rumblings but I never believe anything until I show up and it’s on the call sheet.”

Cobb on what he thinks ROH officials saw in him: “They see something in me where I’m a suplexing machine and I just run through people. That played out on TV with the Top Prospects Tournament and I ran through all of them… Just a juggernaut kind of champion.”

Cobb on what led him to joining the ROH roster: “Just the history that ROH has. A lot of the guys that I looked up to were ROH guys. The product itself is always good, match quality is always good and their relationship with New Japan definitely helped out. I love going [to New Japan] so with ROH having that relationship, they’re like, ‘if you wanna go on this tour, go ahead’ so I really appreciate that.”

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