Aro Lucha Reportedly Not Coming To Pop TV

Dec 23, 2018 - by James Walsh

PWInsider reports that Aro Lucha will not be moving to Pop TV at this time, even after airing “coming soon” commercials during Impact Wrestling. Impact will be leaving Pop next month to move to the Pursuit Channel.

None of the Aro Lucha commercials are added by Pop, but by Impact as the company had the commercials in the master copy of the TV show sent to the network. They were aired as part of a deal between Aro Lucha and Impact and aren’t a hint that they are taking a spot on the network.

Aro Lucha’s parent company, Aroluxe, had been funding Impact tapings in exchange for a percentage of ownership. They were set to own the company in 2016 if Dixie Carter didn’t keep up regular payments to reimburse them. However, Anthem came in as an investor and took control of the company when they called in the debt Impact Ventures LLC got from Anthem’s loans. Aroluxe was no longer Impact’s production company. Anthem makes regular payments to Aroluxe and is buying out their ownership percentage. The commercials may be part of that arrangement, to help get Aro Lucha off the ground.

Aro Lucha announced it would tape the first season of their show this year, but that didn’t happen. They hired former Impact Wrestling Chief Strategy Officer Eric Sherman for distribution. Sherman and AroLucha partner Ron Harris were in Los Angeles back in October to meet with possible TV network partners. After taping a pilot in Nashville, they held live events in Texas that featured John Hennigan, Low Ki, LAX, Shane “Hurricane” Helms, Juventud Guerrera, Sammy Guevara, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Blue Demon Jr., James Storm, Demius, Taya, Lady Apache, Maximo, Laredo Kid, Keyra, Xtra Talented, Steve Pain and Mascarita Dorada. Konnan is in charge of creative and Helms works as a producer. Mysterio was announced as a minority owner before his return to WWE.

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