Michael Elgin: “I’m due in for surgery tomorrow”

Dec 20, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Michael Elgin via Facebook:

On November 30th, I suffered a knee injury while myself and Jeff Cobb were wrestling Ishii and Yano. After seeing the doctor, we thought it was likely an MCL injury. Together we decided if after a day’s rest I felt like I shouldn’t wrestle then I should take the rest of the tour off. After resting a day, I felt like I could still wrestle and asked to continue the tour. NJPW was great and told me if I had any issues I didn’t need to wrestle. But I was there for a big series (World Tag League) and I didn’t want to not finish. Truthfully other than some discomfort after matches I assumed it would slowly fade and the would be back to normal. When I got home from Japan, myself my wife and my son drove upto Canada to visit my family. The long drive felt ok, but when arriving in Canada I had some stiffness in the knee. After trying to resume cardio the following day, my knee started to lock up. I cancelled a couple bookings but sill did my scheduled seminars with doing very minimal movement during them. The drive home from Canada, was the final straw. After a few short hours in the car my knee was immobile and fully locked up, I couldn’t put any weight on it.

Monday I was lucky to get in to see a specialist and then yesterday received my MRI.
Today, we found out I have what they call a Bucket handle meniscus tear. Basically from my understanding it’s when the torn meniscus flips up inbetween your knee cap and (forget the other bone or joint it usually situates itself in) and causing pain and discomfort when trying to straighten your legs above that, they also found some small blood clots in my calve (more than likely from the long hours on the plane and driving to and from Canada.

I’m due in for surgery tomorrow, which means at least for the next 2-3 weeks I’ve had to cancel all obligations and bookings. I’m
Hoping I receive good news after surgery and it won’t be much time until I can get back in the ring.

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