12/19/18 WWE 205 Live Recap: Dar vs. Itami; Rush in Action; Gallagher/Gulak vs. Kendrick/Tozawa Street Fight

Dec 19, 2018 - by Michael Riba

205 Live opens with a recap of Buddy Murphy’s victory over Cedric Alexander at TLC, and then transitions into Lio Rush’s return to 205 Live. Finally, Drake Maverick runs down tonight’s main event: Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick vs. Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher in a Tag Team Street Fight. The opening credits then roll and Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show.

Hideo Itami’s music hits and he and Ariya Daivari make their way to the ring. Daivari says everyone needs to shut their mouths and show Itami the respect that he deserves. Daivari says he cannot sit by and watch the mistreatment of Itami continue. Daivari says Itami hasn’t gotten real competition in two months and unless he gets competition tonight, 205 is cancelled. Maverick comes to the stage and says the only think Itami and Daivari are going to get in a suspension. Noam Dar’s music hits and he comes to the stage. He talks to Maverick and tells him to put him in a match. Maverick says it’s their lucky day because it will be Itami vs. Dar right now.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Hideo Itami (w/Ariya Daivari) vs. Noam Dar
Dar takes control and sends Itami to the floor. Dar backs Daivari away from the ring and then tosses Daivari back into the ring. Dar drops Itami with a back-slide, but Itami kicks out at two. Dar applies a wrist-lock, but Itami fights back with a few rights. Itami drapes Dar over the top rope and then connects with a leg drop from the top. Itami kicks Dar into the corner and then drives his shoulder into his midsection. Itami takes Dar down with a knee strike and goes for the cover, but Dar kicks out at two. Itami applies a side-headlock and then slams Dar down to the mat. Itami delivers a few knee drops and then kicks Dar in the face. Dar tries to fight back, but Itami keeps him grounded for a bit. Itami sends Dar off the ropes, but Dar comes back and takes Itami to the mat. Dar kicks Itami in the back of his knee and then delivers a headbutt and an uppercut.
Dar runs the ropes, but Itami counters with a boot to the face. Itami goes for another kick, but Dar dodges and kicks his leg out from under him. Dar goes up top and then knocks Daivari to the floor. Dar goes for a double-stomp, but Itami moves and delivers a double back fist to Dar. Itami delivers the basement dropkick and then follows it up with a knee strike and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Hideo Itami

We take a look back to TLC on Sunday, when Buddy Murphy retained the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Cedric Alexander. We then see Murphy backstage in Maverick’s office. Murphy says everyone said Mustafa Ali and Alexander were his two biggest threats, but he beat both of them. Murphy says he is not one of the best Cruiserweights in the world, because he is the best Cruiserweight in the world. Murphy says his next title defense needs to be a challenge, because then when he wins, no one can deny that he is the best. Maverick says he needs a couple of days to put something together and will make an announcement next week.

We are reminded of tonight’s main event: Tozawa and Kendrick vs. Gulak and Gallagher in a tag team street fight.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Lio Rush vs. Local Competitor
Rush takes the guy down immediately and then delivers a bulldog on the floor. Rush rolls the guy back into the ring and connects with the Final Hour. Rush delivers a series of right hands to the guy and then delivers another Final Hour and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Lio Rush

We see a promo from Cedric Alexander. He congratulates Buddy Murphy on the win, but says 205 Live is still his show and the Cruiserweight Division is still his. He says he will get the title back sooner rather than later.

We see that next week’s 205 Live will be a best of 2018 show.

Match #3 – Tag Team Street Fight: Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick vs. Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher
All four men brawl before the match begins and the referee finally calls for the bell. Kendrick and Tozawa gain the advantage and then slide a table into the ring. Gulak and Gallagher send Kendrick and Tozawa back to the floor and then put the table back under the ring. Kendrick and Tozawa then hit Gulak and Gallagher with the announce table covering. Kendrick and Tozawa get Gulak back into the ring and step on his face. Tozawa connects with an elbow in the corner and then he and Kendrick double-team Gulak to the mat. Kendrick goes for the cover, but Gallagher breaks it up at two. Kendrick and Tozawa double-team Gallagher now and Gallagher and Gulak to go the floor. Gallagher and Gulak trip them up and then a brook and trash cans from under the ring. Gallagher hits Kendrick with the trash can and then he and Gulak slam Tozawa to the mat.
Gallagher slams Kendrick into the barricade and then Gulak gets Tozawa into the ring. Gulak connects with a few shots with the trash can and then places the trash can over Tozawa. Gulak hits the trash can with the broom and then goes to Kendrick on the floor. Gulak delivers a scoop slam to Kendrick on the floor as Gallagher works over Tozawa in the ring. Gulak then hits Kendrick in the throat with a mop handle and then throws the mop bucket at him. Gulak continues to beat down Kendrick with the mop as Gallagher hits Tozawa with a piece of the bucket. Kendrick fights back with elbow shots and Gallagher goes for the cover on Tozawa, but Tozawa kicks out at two. Gulak drops Kendrick with right hands and then fish hooks him with the end of a cable. Tozawa takes Gallagher down and then goes after Gulak. Gallagher comes right back and drops Tozawa with a headbutt.
Gallagher tosses Tozawa to the floor and then he and Gulak dump him into the time keeper’s area. Kendrick comes back and drops Gulak and Gallagher with a double DDT. Tozawa comes back and sends Gulak into the barricade. Tozawa backs away and charges, but Gulak hits him a few times with a microphones. Tozawa fights back and drops Gulak with a right jab. Tozawa hits Gallagher with a chair and then hits Gulak with it as well. Kendrick and Tozawa tie Gulak to the ring post with the cable strap and then exchange chops on him. Gallagher hits them with a trash can and then unhooks Gulak from the post. Gulak headbutts Tozawa and then Gallagher delivers a dropkick to Tozawa on the floor, as Gulak was pushing Tozawa in a rolling chair. Kendrick comes back and slams Gulak into the chair and then delivers an exploder suplex to Gallagher, who lands on top of Gulak.
Kendrick tosses Gallagher into the ring, but Gallagher comes back and drops Kendrick to the mat. Tozawa gets into the ring and locks Gallagher in an octopus stretch. Gulak gets into the ring and locks Tozawa in the Gu-Lock, but Kendrick slams Gallagher onto Gulak. Kendrick and Gulak brawl, but Gallagher takes Kendrick down. Gulak goes for the Gu-Lock on Kendrick, but Kendrick fights out. Gallagher applies an Indian Deathlock submission, but Tozawa breaks it up with the senton splash. Tozawa goes for the cover, but Gulak breaks it up at two. Kendrick goes for Sliced Bread #2 on Gulak, but Gulak counters. Tozawa kicks Gulak in the face and then goes for a suicide dive, but Gulak lays him out with a trash can. Gallagher gets back into the ring and goes for a suplex on Kendrick, but Kendrick fights out. Kendrick hits Sliced Bread #2 from the top and gets the pin fall.
Winners: The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa

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