12/18/18 Smackdown Live Recap

Dec 18, 2018 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown December 18, 2018

Shane McMahon is backstage with the SmackDown Roster, saying WWE is changing with new superstars, matches and call ups, and it will be for the WWE Universe, everyone will be held accountable. Shane calls up Paige and says thanks for everything and your commitment to leading SmackDown, Paige’s role has changed but she remains on SmackDown.

Music of Becky Lynch hits and she comes to the ring. (We see highlights of WWE TLC), Becky says I don’t care who is running the show, I am the Man and I run the show, real business is conducted in the ring and I want the McMahon family to setup me versus Ronda Rousey, and you pushed over my ladder and cost me my title, I won’t let someone take it from me, Music of Charlotte Flair hits, Charlotte says take a number 2 and stand behind the queen, because Ronda stole my opportunity, Becky says me standing behind you are long gone, Charlotte says they are THEN, NOW AND FOREVER, I would have become a 8 time Womens Champion, Music of new SmackDown Womens Champion Asuka hits, Asuka says forget Ronda because Asuka is the champion, Becky and Charlotte say Asuka is a paper champion, music of Mr McMahon hits and he comes down the ramp, Vince wishes everyone Happy Holidays, Congratulations to Asuka on winning the title, Why are you angry Becky? Why is Charlotte and Becky making excuses, at TLC anything can go, Ronda wrote the chapter in both of your careers, Vince asks Asuka if she wants to defend her title tonight,  Music of Naomi hits and she comes out with the mic and says Charlotte has had opportunities and Becky doesn’t have the title anymore, let us have the match right now.

Commercial break

SmackDown Womens Championship – Challenger: Naomi Vs Champion: Asuka

Charlotte and Becky Lynch are at ringside, Naomi in control at the start till going for leg takedown but Asuka counters, Asuka in control of Naomi, kick to the ribs of Naomi. Spider lock by Asuka on the top rope, Charlotte takes Asuka down with a legdrop.

Commercial break

When we return both Asuka and Naomi are both on the outside, Asuka with a missile dropkick to Naomi, Asuka sends Naomi into barrier but Naomi jumps the barrier and does a turnaround wheel kick, both back in at a 9 count, forearms exchanged, knee drop by Asuka to Naomi, kick to face of Asuka, moonsault by Naomi of the top rope countered into Asuka lock but Naomi escapes, Asuka lock set in the middle of the ring, German suplex into a counter for a two, Rear View by Naomi for a two count, Naomi with dive of top rope but caught by Asuka and countered into Asuka Lock and Naomi taps out and Asuka retains.

Winner via Submission and still SmackDown Womens Champion Asuka

Backstage: The Miz is outside the McMahon Family office, Miz asks is Shane McMahon around, Vince says he can’t play, Miz says I get carried away but think me and Shane McMahon could be a great tag team, Miz says I am asking for your blessing, Mr McMahon says I don’t give a blessing, Vince says you find a partner and I’ll find oponnents and if you prove yourself then will consider getting Shane to team with you. Mr McMahon enters his dressing room and then closes the door.

Still to come Daniel Bryan and Andrade “Cien” Almas Vs Mustafa Ali and AJ Styles

Commercial break.

When we return Rusev is interviewed by Dasha Fuentes and says when he gets his hands of Shinsuke Nakamura he will become the new WWE United States Champion on the greatest day: Rusev Day.

Music of Jeff Hardy hits. Jeff says I heard Samoa Joe wants to say sorry to me, some things he has said about me and my demons were true, that was then this is now, I am here and ready, so bring it on, I want to hear it face-to-face. Music of Samoa Joe hits and out he comes and says I am sorry, sorry this is no apology, more important but this is an intervention, known you a long time, we are worried, during holiday times, your demons will come running back and control me, Jeff says I am never going back there, me and my demons see right through you, you attack peoples weaknesses to cover yours, you have own demons or is it you have had one championship, Joe goes to leave and then turns round but Jeff Hardy drops him with a Twist of Fate, Jeff Hardy leaves the ring.


The Miz comes out for a match. It’s a Mixed Tag Team Match, Miz and his partner is Mandy Rose.

Mixed Tag Team Match: The Miz and Mandy Rose Vs Carmella and R-Truth

R-Truth says we won Mixed Match Challenge and are #30 in our respectable Royal Rumble Matches and are taking our vacation in Hartford, CT and looking forward to the match against Miz and Maryse.

Rose and Carmella start, R-Truth tagged in, roll up on Miz for a two count, Dance Break, Kick to Carmella, Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The Miz and Mandy Rose

Commercial break

We see a video for Lars Sullivan – hottest free agents and other NXT superstars coming soon.

The Usos come down to the ring and say The Usos still run SmackDown and want competition. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson comes out and then Gregg Hamilton announces that the McMahon Family have sanctioned a match.

Tag Team Match: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Vs The Usos – Jimmy and Jey

When we return from commercial break match is underway with Anderson in control of Jimmy, Gallows is tagged in, Usos back in control with a Samoan Drop, Uso missed running corner knee, neckbreaker on Jey Uuso by Karl Anderson, Gallows and Anderson for Doom of Gloom but Jey pulls out Anderson, meanwhile powerbomb sitout by Luke Gallows for a two count, double kick to Gallows, Jey sends Luke Gallows to the outside but Anderson is tagged in, Jey goes for dive but nailed with a kick as we go commercial break.

Commercial break

When we return Usos back in control and nail dive but a two count, Jey Uso is injured on the outside, superkick to Anderson first, then another to Gallows, Jimmy climbs up the rope and the Music of the Bar hits, out come The Bar and start walking down the ramp when SaNiTy appear and destroy both teams and then leave the ring and have words with The Bar.

Winners via Disqualification The Usos – Jimmy and Jey

The Bar run in and attack The Usos, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and then leave the ring.

We see Shinuke Nakamura video and then see clips for Total Divas and Shinsuke says he is not a contender but a diva.

We see AJ Styles and Mustafa Ali talking backstage.

Tag Team Match: WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and Andrade “Cien” Almas w/Zelina Vega Vs AJ Styles and Mustafa Ali

Bryan says he killed The Yes Movement and then on Sunday at TLC, he destroyed the house that AJ Styles built. Bryan says unlike the people, he’s not about destruction and he’s about creation. Bryan says he’s creating something better, a whole new world here on SmackDown. Bryan says he knows the people won’t like it because they fear change. Bryan goes on ripping fans for their consumption and how they are killing the planet. Bryan says the people of Fresno are the worst. He says the city of Fresno ranks #1 in pollution for the state of California. Fans boo some and Bryan chants “shame!” at them.

Bryan goes on running the fans down and says they have already failed but lucky for them, they have someone to show them the way. That is Bryan, the WWE Champion. He raises the WWE Title

Match gets underway with Ali in control of Almas, DDT missed by Mustafa Ali, AJ Styles tagged in as we go to commercial break,

When we return Styles in control of Almas, Ali tagged in and stomp of the top rope, DDT by Almas countered into roll up for a two, Daniel Bryan tagged in and sends Ali into ringpost shoulder first, then a side hip toss, Almas tagged in with chops to Ali, Daniel Bryan tagged back in, head kick  by Ali, face first DDT through the middle rope, Tranquilo block by Almas, then AJ drop kicks Almas then a flying dive by Daniel Bryan as we go commercial break

Commercial break

When we return Daniel Bryan in control of Mustafa Ali, Andrade tagged in and jumped over the top rope, Daniel Bryan with kicks to Mustafa Ali, short clothesline to Mustafa Ali, Surfboard by Daniel Bryan into a sleeper by Daniel Bryan but Mustafa gets to the rope, chops to chest of Ali, short clothesline by Almas to Daniel Bryan, Andrade goes for moonsault but Ali gets his knees up. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan both tagged in, punches to Daniel Bryan,, corner smash, neckbreaker by AJ Styles, Phenomenal Forearm missed into calf crusher reversed by Daniel Bryan till Andrade breaks it up, Hammerlock DDT attempt, Almas sent outside, hurricanrana by Ali on Almas on the outside, AJ Styles goes for Styles Clash but running knee by Daniel Bryan, knee missed butt moonsault into reversed DDT by AJ Styles, DDT on Daniel Bryan, Mustafa climbs the rope as does Almas but forearm to Almas by AJ Styles and then Mustafa Ali hits a 450 degree frog splash for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Mustafa Ali and AJ Styles

SmackDown ends with them celebrating in the ring.


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