Jerry Lawler Still Not Done Trying to Solve Brian Christopher’s Cause of Death

Dec 14, 2018 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Local Memphis 24, Jerry Lawler said that he hasn’t given up on finding answers to the mysterious death of his son Brian Christopher. Here are highlights:

On not getting any answers: “Up until this time, we haven’t been able to get any answers from anybody.”

On no autopsy report yet: “That’s the thing that’s so frustrating. You sit around hoping the phone is going to ring anytime and any day you’ll hear some kind of information, something positive. It’s just a slow process.”

On not giving up: “In the words of my attorney, there’s so much smoke that has come out of that Bolivar jail that there’s got to be a fire somewhere. And, you’re right, if we can help unearth that, then maybe things will change, and it’ll be better for some people down the line.”

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