Matt Hardy makes the case to be the WWE Raw General Manager

Dec 13, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“Baron Corbin is obviously a character in the role of abusing his power and putting the good guys in bad situations and taking advantage of it. I think coming in as GM, it would be a fresh start considering I would be a good guy in many ways. Woken Matt Hardy in being the character he is, and how over the top he is, I think he would be very entertaining in a General Manager role. I could put guys in unique situations or matches. My interactions with each and every talent would be so unique. I think the funnest thing between Broken Matt Hardy and Woken Matt Hardy was the interaction I had with other performers. I think if you have Woken Matt Hardy interacting with the women’s division and all the different athletes of the men’s division, I think there would be so much entertaining tv there.”

source: Wrestling Inc

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