12/11/18 Smackdown Live Recap

Dec 11, 2018 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown Results December 12

We see a video package of tonight’s match between Charlotte Flair and Asuka a rematch from WrestleMania, also WWE Champion Daniel Bryan faces Mustafa Ali.

When we go live music of WWE Champion Daniel Bryan hits. Bryan says last week I called you sheep, first thing I wanted to do was apologise, I want to say sorry to the sheep, don’t need to be compared by you the idots, no such thing as a carbon hoofprints, you are more like parasites, fickle, take and take and give nothing in return especially in Las Vegas, Nevada, you latched on the old Daniel Bryan and the Yes Movement, guess what, the old Daniel Bryan is dead, yes movement is dead, but like any parasite moved onto the next fickle, and moved to place that AJ Styles built, I am the WWE Champion not AJ Styles and at TLC I will crush his dream of becoming champion again, at the end I will be announced still WWE Champion The New Daniel Bryan, you don’t believe me, I debate this with my friends, don’t know if you are stupid or have wool pulled over your eyes, he said stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of experience, which is pretty much the sum up of Las Vegas.

Music of Mustafa Ali, he comes out and introduces himself, interupted by Daniel Bryan, saying the idiots don’t know who you are, we are meant to have a match but please step in the ring, Daniel says he is the heart of 205 Live and an incredible performer, here is some advice and we don’t need to have this match, after this match the crowd won’t care, absorbed, consumed with mindless consumption, these fickle people don’t deserve this, FICKLE CHANT starts by Daniel Bryan. Mustafa says what happened to you? You made it possible for me to become a WWE Superstar, the underdog, you had heart, what happened, you keep on about the old Daniel Bryan and he would want to fight and I want a fight, FIGHT CHANT fills arena, Daniel says what car do you drive? Mustafa says I drive a SUV, Daniel says you are a small person and why you drive a SUV, Mustafa says I have a wife, kids, Daniel calls him ignorant and Daniel Bryan starts slapping him, till Mustafa Ali takes control, and then tosses Daniel out the ring and nails a moonsault as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Singles Match: WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Vs Mustafa Ali

When we return match is underway, Daniel Bryan is in control, Daniel Bryan in control with kicks, Ali regains control with side kick, close 2 count, baseball slide to Bryan, second missed and Daniel sends Ali into the ringpost as we go commercial break.

Commercial break

When we are back, Daniel Bryan is in control, with kicks and tree of woe on Ali, back suplex of the top rope by Daniel Bryan stopped by Ali, Daniel Bryan missed his kick in the corner, chops to Ali by Bryan, tornado DDT by Ali for a 2 count, inverted 450 missed by Ali, Daniel bounces leg of Ali into the ringpost multiple times followed by a chop block, heel hook by Daniel Bryan for the win.

Winner via Submission “The New” Daniel Bryan

After the match whilst commentators discussing WWE TLC PPV we cut to the entrance way where we see Daniel Bryan continually attacks Mustafa Ali on the ramp and nails the heel hook again, other referees come out to separate them.

New Day come out as they are hosting a Rap Battle between The Usos and The Bar – Sheamus and Cesaro

Commercial break

When we return The Usos and The Bar are in the ring, Kofi does the introductions, The Bar start and do a sample of Ice Ice Baby and New Day judge it as trash, Usos do their rap and as it finishes Sheamus and Cesaro try and attack Usos but to no avail, then Usos send them to the outside, The Bar come back in and send Usos into The New Day, Cesaro and Sheamus clear the ring and say we are The Bar.

We see Asuka talking about winning at TLC and tonight Asuka will beat Charlotte Flair.

Commercial break

When we return we see The Miz in the ring with the Best in the World trophy and says I have taken the trophy and want Shane McMahon come to out as I have things to say to you. Miz says I won’t beg, (crowd chant you will beg) Miz gets down on one knee and says I need to talk as it is life changing decisions possibly, Shane McMahon music hits and Shane McMahon comes out, Shane says what is up with you? Miz says we could be so good together and know you are scared and we need to tag one more time and be the Best Tag Team in the World, Shane says it is starting to getting weird, Miz says it is a lot more, it won’t be easy saying this but I will show you, Shane calls out a referee and says its a match against Chip Davis and Mark Evans, Miz asks for the bell to be rung.

Tag Team Match: Shane McMahon and The Miz Vs Chip Davis and Mark Evans ??

Shane in control of both and then punches to Davis, back elbow by Shane McMahon, DDT by McMahon, Triangle submission by Shane McMahon for the win.

Winners via Submission Shane McMahon and The Miz

Commercial break

When we return Paige is in her office with the referee Jason Ayers from the match involving the Miz and Shane McMahon and Paige is repremanding him for running and officiating a match, Jason says Miz said you sanctioned it, then the participants come in and say here is our invoice and then said Miz said you agreed if we fight we get $5000 each, Paige rips the contracts up and tells them to leave.

Randy Orton comes out and grabs a chair and enters the ring and then says chairs can be for comfort and for other reasons, VT shown of Rey Mysterio having his masked ripped off and then video shown of Randy Orton attacking Rey Mysterio with a chair into the steps, Rey knows he has a chairs match with me at TLC this Sunday, he is okay with facing me in a chairs match, Rey thinks he will get his revenge, he is my victim, once a victim always a victim, Rey needs to worry about the 3 letters R K, We see Rey Mysterio from behind and destroys Randy Orton with a steel chair, 619 nailed by Mysterio, Randy Orton escapes up the ramp.

Backstage we see Becky Lynch walking backstage and Kayla Braxton stops her asking her about the TLC Triple Threat Match, Becky says the advantage isn’t mine, this is what the champion does, I will be sitting at ringside looking at my opponents.

Up next Rusev and Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Commercial break

Tag Team Match: Rusev w/Lana and Jeff Hardy Vs. Samoa Joe and WWE United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura.

Before match Carmella and R-Truth come out and do a quick dance break then leave. Bell rings and Nakamura kick to Hardy, Samoa Joe pulls out Hardy and sends him into wall as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial break

When we return Samoa Joe in control of Hardy, Twist of Fate unable to be hooked, Whistle in the Wind hit on Samoa Joe, Rusev and Nakamura legal, Rusev with a hip push in the corner, kick to Nakamura, back elbows by Nakamura, head kick by Rusev for a two count, Twist of Fate to Samoa Joe then dive onto Samoa Joe on the outside, Rusev goes for the Accolade but blocked then Rusev with the Matchka Kick for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Rusev and Jeff Hardy

Backstage: Miz is holding the trophy and Shane McMahon comes in and says you are out of control, I wasn’t considered Best in the World till you came along, Miz offers his hand for a handshake, Shane McMahon walks away with the trophy.

Commercial break

We see a video promoting the soon to be arrival of Lars Sullivan

Kayla Braxton interviews AJ Styles about his WWE Championship match at TLC, AJ says I want to beat the hell out of Daniel Bryan, counting days and hours until I face the New Daniel Bryan, there can be only one AJ Styles.

Commercial break

Women’s Division Singles Match: Asuka Vs Charlotte Flair

When we return Kayla Braxton interviews Charlotte Flair about the Triple Threat TLC Match. Charlotte says both Asuka and Becky Lynch will bow down to the queen.

Music of Becky Lynch hits and she comes down and sits at ringside, Asuka in control at the start till hip jump missed leads to Charlotte gaining control, Charlotte goes for dive of the top rope but missed and Asuka Lock hooked on but Charlotte escapes and then Charlotte is locked in it again, Charlotte gets to the rope as we go to commercial break

Commercial break

When we return Charlotte is in control of Asuka, Asuka regains control with a kick and hip toss, Asuka hooks on a armbar but Charlotte makes it to the ropes to cause the break. Charlotte regains control and hooks Figure 4 Leglock but Asuka makes it to the rope, Charlotte stays on Asuka locking a armbar but Asuka tries to block it, Asuka back in control with a baseball kick, Asuka goes for her hip push but Charlotte counters with a spear but Asuka counters, 2 count, Asuka with kicks to Charlotte, head kick blocked, kick to midsection of Charlotte, knees to face, spear by Charlotte to Asuka but only a two count, Charlotte drags Asuka to the corner goes for the Moonsault but missed and Asuka hooks the Asuka Lock and Charlotte escapes but Asuka hooks it again, Charlotte breaks hold in the corner and both go to the outside, Charlotte grabs a Kendo Stick and attacks Asuka ending match in a Disqualification.

Winner via Disqualification Asuka

After the match: Charlotte attacks Asuka and Becky Lynch with the Kendo Stick till Becky sends Charlotte into the steel steps, then Charlotte is attacked with a Kendo stick, then Asuka sends Lynch across the announce table, Asuka attacks Charlotte with the Kendo Stick and then shots to both Charlotte and Becky Lynch, Asuka stands on the announce table as SmackDown ends.

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