12/10/18 Raw Recap

Dec 10, 2018 - by Achal Mohindra

Raw Results December 10, 2018
San Diego, California

Raw kicks of with Seth Rollins. Seth says Burn It Down, This Sunday when I defend my title against Dean Ambrose, that will be the theme right here in San Diego tonight, not here to call out Dean Ambrose, but spit some truth, I want to extend an invitation to Baron Corbin and receive a dose of reality, Music of General Manager-Elect Baron Corbin hits, crowd boo Corbin, Baron says if you want to have a conversation it can be done in private, go to my office and we can discuss it, Seth says cut the crap, you need to shut up and listen, I have been wrapped up with Dean Ambrose, I want to talk about your charge, Monday Night Raw has sucked because of you, you come out and make it about you, what you have been doing is not okay, it is wrong,  Corbin says you are frustrated, Seth says you gonna fire me and the rest of the roster, Revival have talent but fight in Lucha House Party matches, we will end up with more urination, every action masks your insecurities, did Braun Strowman hurt your feelings meaning you handed the title back to Brock Lesnar, Lesnar never wants to show up, he doesn’t want to be here, when did Lesnar last have a match on Raw was 2002, this whole Corbin experience has been a failure, fans support, moral and TV ratings are at a all time low and is down to you. Corbin says I appreciate your feedback but write it down and file it under I Don’t Care, Raw is my show and I will be in charge for a long time, it will get worse for a guy like you, Corbin says Ambrose will beat you at TLC, I will win the TLC match via forfeit and become permanent GM and form that point on I will make life hell. Seth challenges Baron Corbin for a 1-on-1 match but says it won’t work, Seth Rollins says how about Baron Corbin Vs Seth Rollins in a TLC Match. Baron says do you know what I would do you with these tools, Baron says my answer is still NO, Seth calls Baron Corbin a coward, multiple times, Baron Corbin says you have a TLC Match tonight but it will be for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Still to come Face-To-Face between Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax with Alexa Bliss moderating it, Up next Handicap 2 Vs 3 Match for Raw Tag Team Championship.

Commercial break

Backstage we see Seth Rollins and Dasha Fuentes asks about calling out Baron Corbin, he says I need to call him out, otherwise I shouldn’t hold the title.

2-Vs-3 Handicap Match for Raw World Tag Team Championship – Challengers: Bobby Roode and Chad Gable Vs Champions: The Authors of Pain – Akam and Rezar and Drake Maverick

As we go to break, Roode/Gable toss Maverick into the AOP. When we  return AOP in control of Chad Gable, Maverick tagged in, Quick tag to Akam, Roode tagged in, Akam regains control with a suplex, Gable makes the save but Gable sent into the corner, Super Collider by AOP but countered into DDT by Gable, then running crush, Drake Maverick was tagged in and was cocky, and then a rollup by Chad Gable for the win.

Winners and New Raw World Tag Team Champions “Glorious” Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

We see highlights of Drew McIntyre last week attacking Finn Balor backstage.

We will see Dolph Ziggler Vs Drew McIntyre later tonight.

Commercial break

Charly Caruso interviews Bobby Roode and Chad Gable backstage about becoming new Raw World Tag Team Champions

We are informed Ruby Riott Vs Natalya in a Tables Match this Sunday.

Music of Natalya hits. Natalya thanks the crowd, I wear my heart on my sleeve, want to get something of my chest, Ruby doesn’t a person or thing in this business, you destroyed my father’s sunglasses, legacy and being spoonfed because of my name to make it in WWE, do you remember the Montreal Screwjob, when Bret Hart punched Vince McMahon, I am representing my family in WWE, this Sunday I will teach Ruby Riott some respect, I dedicate this match to my father Jim “Anvil” Neidhart, (Natalya starts crying) and will take every emotion and put your ass through a table, music of Riott Squad hit and then they come out with a table, Ruby mocks Natalya for crying, all you do is feel sorry for yourself, you don’t need respect but get a good councillor, you don’t represent your family but disgrace your family, I won’t be attending your Christmas party, she reveals a table with a Jim Neidhart poster printed on it, everyone knows how close you are when I put you through this table, you and your daddy will be closer than ever.

We see a video backstage: Dolph Ziggler says last week I beat Drew McIntyre, what I don’t get is Finn Balor getting help, he should have remembered I am Dolph Ziggler.

Singles Match: Dolph Ziggler Vs Drew McIntyre

When we return McIntyre is in control of Ziggler, Dolph dropped by McIntyre with a drop of the top rope, Ziggler sends McIntyre to the outside but McIntyre makes it back into the ring at 9, Drew McIntyre picks up the win after blocking the Zig Zag with the Claymore Kick out of nowhere.

Winner via Pinfall Drew McIntyre

After the match McIntyre sends Ziggler into the corner post, McIntyre tries to do a move on Ziggler on the steps but referees and staff come out, but a low dropkick to Ziggler.

We see highlights of last week with Rhyno being fired, and Heath Slater remains on Raw as a referee.

Commercial break

Womens Division Singles Match – Alicia Fox Vs Bayley

Bayley in control of Fox till Singh Brothers climb on the rope, Music of Apollo Crews hits and he comes out and helps clear house, Apollo tosses Sasha into Jinder Mahal and Singh Brothers, back in the ring Bayley nails Bayley-to-Belly for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Bayley

Commercial break

Charly Caruso interviews Dean Ambrose, Dean tells Caruso not to call him Lunatic Fringe anymore, Seth is in this TLC match because of his big ego, Seth Rollins a piece of garbage and if he remains champion, I will beat him this Sunday for the title. Dean says who cares about Roman Reigns, We see highlights of Dean Ambrose winning the tag team titles with Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns announcing about his leukaemia, turning on Seth Rollins,

Elias comes to the ring and mocks Bobby Lashley, the city, the sports teams and says I will teach Lio Rush a lesson tonight. Elias sings a song. Lio Rush interrupt Elias and comes out with Bobby Lashley

Commercial break

Singles Match: Lio Rush w/Bobby Lashley Vs Elias – Referee: Heath Slater. 

High drop by Elias on Rush, press slam, massive toss by Elias to Rush corner-to-corner, chop in the corner, behind the referees back, Lashley tries to get involved but doesn’t Lio Rush regains control, sit out power bomb but Bobby Lashley runs in and Heath Slater doesn’t call for a disqualification, Lashley intimidates Heath Slater, then power bomb, Lio Rush smashes guitar over the head of Elias, then Lashley makes Heath Slater count the fall, which he does then raises the arm and then leaves.

Winner via Pinfall Lio Rush

We see Alexa Bliss talking to someone backstage, next is the face off between Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey with Alexa Bliss overseeing it.

Commercial break

Backstage: We see Heath Slater, and in comes Baron Corbin and says you did good, Heath Slater says I am going home and Baron Corbin says no, you are officiating another match.

Alexa Bliss comes out and out comes Nia Jax with Tamina Snuka, Nia grabs the microphone and says she will make a statement, I will become the new Raw Womens Champion this Sunday at the expense of Ronda Rousey, Nia says I will give her a beating and causing humiliation and she should hand over the title, I am the Samoan and have the power, and with my fist I broke Becky Lynch face, I will punch Rousey in the face over and over again until she taps out to stop me, I am the most imposing women in WWE History, Ronda is a Strike Force, UFC and current Raw Womens Champion, she grabs my arm and then I open hand break her down and erase the myth of Ronda Rousey at TLC.

Music of Ronda hits and she says I came here to fight and heads to the ring and Tamina and Nia Jax exit the ring, Nia and Tamina surround the ring and about to enter the ring till Ember Moon music hits and she comes down to the ring.

Commercial break

Women’s Division Singles Match: Tamina Snuka Vs Ember Moon

When we return match is underway, Ember gains control but Nia pulls Tamina out the way, rollup by Moon for a 2, side kick by Tamina to Moon, squash in the corner, Ember with a short DDT for a two count, power slam by Tamina for a 2 count, Ember climbs the rope and Tamina tries to interfere but Ronda stops her, Ember Moon nails the Eclipse for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Ember Moon

Still to come TLC Match for WWE Intercontinental Championship

Commercial break

Charly Caruso interviews GM Elect Baron Corbin about TLC Match and Braun Strowman not showing up, everyone on Monday will say “All Hail Baron Corbin”

Commentators inform us that the Elias Vs Bobby Lashley will now be a Ladder Match with a guitar suspended.

We see Heath Slater coming down as an official for the TLC Match.

Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for WWE Intercontinental Championship (Referee: Heath Slater) – Challenger: GM Elect Baron Corbin Vs Champion: Seth Rollins.

Match underway with Rollins in control, Corbin regains control and sends Rollins to the outside, Rollins grabs a chair and Corbin orders Slater to bring a ladder in the ring for him.

Commercial break

When we return Baron Corbin in control and has a chair and chair shots to the back and gut of Rollins, Corbin sends Rollins into the security wall, then again into the wall, Corbin grabs a ladder but baseball kick by Rollins stops him, Rollins brings ladder in, Suplex on Rollins onto the ladder, Corbin wedges a chair in the corner, quick escape turn around short clothesline by Corbin, Corbin sets a table in the corner, Corbin mocks Strowman, right hand to Corbin, Rollins sent to the outside, Corbin climbs ladder but Rollins jumps ladder from the other side, Rollins goes for Stomp but missed and Rollins sent into ladder,

Commercial break

When we return, Rollins misses a high flying leap but Corbin counters into a Deep 6, Multiple chair shots to Corbin followed by 3 dives, then the 4th dive through the rope, Corbin catches him and powerbombs him through the table. Corbin sets up ladder and starts climbing, and Rollins comes in the ring with a chair and starts swinging the chair and it hits Heath Slater, Corbin goes for End of Days but Rollins sends Corbin into the stairs, Rollins climbs the rope and frog splash through the announce table, Seth goes back in the ring and starts climbing the ladder, and then Heath Slater tips the ladder and sends Rollins of the ladder, Heath Slater helps Baron Corbin up and Seth Rollins sends down Slater and then Buckle Bomb to Baron Corbin through the table in the corner, kick to Slater, stomp to Baron Corbin. Rollins climbs the ladder and grabs the belt.

Winner of TLC Match and still WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose comes out and stares down Seth Rollins as Raw finishes.

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