Tazz thinks Raw was worse than last weeks episode

Dec 8, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

On Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler: “Blowoff Match Jones, OK? Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. I got no problem with an angle, with some kind of a story with [Dolph] Ziggler and Drew McIntyre because of the partnership they had. We’ve seen this done in wrestling 5.6 billion times and it’s fine that they do it 5.6 billion times to do an angle, a feud, with Ziggler and McIntyre, but they didn’t do that. The angle is with Finn Balor and McIntyre. They did a blowoff. They had a turn where McIntyre turned on Ziggler and Ziggler kicked him, a match, and a blowoff all in one segment with Ziggler beating McIntyre. I’ve got no problem with these two guys having a match, but build it up to something. These guys had a partnership and why take the fuc*ing heat off McIntyre and make him lose? ‘Because Taz, Finn Balor cost him the match.’ Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t! If you’re putting the rocket on Drew McIntyre, then f**k it, put the rocket on him. Don’t have Ziggler beat him. Don’t have him beat him! The whole thing is rushed. The angle is rushed and they buzzed through it…..they took these two guys and just basically wrapped it all up and put a little bow on it in a segment.”

On WWE’s inability to get talent over: “They have guys – talent – that they’re trying to get over as top talent and I talked about this last podcast and the previous podcast and I’ll say it again, if you’re fu*king new to my sh*t here. They have guys they’re trying to get over: they’re wet cement….they’re wet cement. Look to build a house and you need the fuc*ing foundation to be poured with cement and what does the cement have to be? Dried. You have guys that have the ability to be top guys, the ability to be foundational guys, but they’re still wet cement and now you’re rushing them. You’re rushing them. You got Braun Strowman: he’s rehabbing an injury. You’ve got obviously the ultra serious situation, the unfortunate situation that’s going on with Roman Reigns, who God-willing we see him again down the road and hopefully he’s recovering or battling with the legitimate health issues he’s battling and thoughts are with him and his loved ones. They’re missing – you’ve got no Brock Lesnar on the show, so now you’re trying to make stars, but the thing is you didn’t prep these guys enough yet. They’re not over enough yet for me to buy in. It’s not because they’re not good enough. You guys didn’t f**king push ‘em right. You didn’t.”

Taz on Bobby Roode & Finn Balor: “You’ve got a guy like Bobby Roode and talk about wet cement? He’s not wet cement. He’s dried cement and ready to have a house built on him and you’ve got him mixed up in this tag team with Chad Gable and mixed up with the RAW Tag Team Titles and he shouldn’t be. He should be a singles competitor and an over f**king baby face, not mixed up in this stupid angle he’s in and that’s a shoot. Really, you wouldn’t pay to see an angle right now because they’re pushing Drew McIntyre as this killer heel, you wouldn’t pay to see Bobby Roode vs Drew McIntyre, right now? Meaning to build them up in an angle. Nothing against Finn Balor. Finn’s had pushes, not big enough pushes. They’ve pumped the breaks on Finn enough. They’ve screwed him over enough. I just feel like I’d love to see a single top angle for Bobby Roode. Instead, he’s mixed up in this thing here and I feel bad for the guy. I do.”

Taz on possible NXT call-ups: “If I was in NXT right now, I’d be panicking. If I was getting pushed right now, I would be panicking. If I was Adam Cole, I’d be panicking, ‘Oh my God, don’t bring me on RAW or SmackDown right now. Just leave me alone, please. Leave me alone.’ Right now, if I’m on NXT, I don’t want to be on one of those main brands. I don’t.”

Taz on Renee Young’s Commentary during Dean Ambrose’s matches: “You have one of two options with Renee Young on commentary while Dean is working or out there…I would have Renee be taken off commentary while Dean’s out there because what’s happening is the bulk of the audience know they’re an item; they’re a couple. The people backstage, in the Gorilla Position, are feeding Renee lines and it sounds contrived and fake. It sounds like when she’s like, ‘This is getting uncomfortable,’ it sounds like she’s being fed these lines. Have her stand up and walk out, walk backstage whenever Dean comes out to work, so you don’t force her to give any kind of commentary because it feels awkward or make her a heel. Make her a heel that she’s rooting him on and that she’s all for her man and I don’t care if you get to the point where she’s almost like his valet to a point. I hate to be rude. I was all in and I’m happy for her being the first color commentator on RAW and it’s an amazing thing and she does an OK job, she does. I do think she has a lot more to learn and a lot more to get better and she will, but the problem for her – it’s not her fault – it’s the way she’s being fed lines and she’s being fed too many lines. Instead, let her react organically and real, but they’re not trusting her instincts because they probably feel that she has no instincts because she’s green. Then don’t put her on your mother ship show. I’m not knocking her. I’m actually putting her over saying just let her be herself. You put her in that position for a reason. Well, let her be her. Stop micromanaging her. I would have her be a heel. Now, if she’s a heel commentator and, at times, she seconds – meaning she’s a heel valet for Dean – her as a heel on commentary is gonna make her a much better commentator because she will get better quicker because it will be easier for her. That’s a fact. That’s not an opinion. That’s not a guess. That’s a fact. Trust me. I’ve lived, done it and seen other guys do it. It makes it a much easier transition to learn and do. I’ve done it. Trust me, as a heel it works and now you have the perfect catalyst to do that and it’s Dean Ambrose. That’s what I would do with her and with Dean and it will help Dean. It gives Dean new life, if she’s with him. It just works. It does.”

Taz on his exasperation over the show: “I’m pissed. Don’t waste my time! I’m tired of this s**t. A waste of my time! Invest three hours like an idiot week in and week out and week in and week out. DVR, no DVR. Live, half live. Stop! I’m telling you, soon, I’m done.”

Taz on possibly not covering Raw anymore: “I want them to have good shows; I really do. We all invest time, as supporters and fans of the business. You are the hood ornament of the industry. You are the front man or front woman of the business. You are the end all, king of kings of the business. WWE you’ve got to do a better job than this. You’ve got to do a better job. You’ve got to and I’ve got to be honest with you. I’m not gonna keep doing f**king podcasts out here covering RAW or covering SmackDown where I’m just burying everything they do because that’s not who I wanted to be as a podcaster and a content provider, but I’ve got no choice. I’m just not going to watch shows, if I’m gonna be like this because it’s just not getting better, you know what I mean? They’ve got to be better. This is just not good…..If you didn’t watch RAW, don’t. It’s really that simple. It wasn’t a good show…it’s got to be better. People are not gonna invest three hours, two hours, or one hour. It’s just not gonna happen.”

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