Konnan Reflects on Returning to AAA in Miami

Dec 8, 2018 - by James Walsh

Konnan spoke with the Miami Herald for an interview discussing his return to the city’s ring and more. Highlights are below:

On wrestling in Miami: “That where I was raised, that’s my city, but to tell you the truth I haven’t wrestled much in Miami. Most of my career has been outside Miami and the only time I really wrestled there is when I was in WCW. But it’s always good to be home but to wrestle in front of friends and family.”

On the idea of Lucha Libre gaining popularity in the US: “There was a time where no one gave a damn about Lucha Libre now everybody wants to have a Lucha match. Now you see in ALL IN, which did so well, where Pentagon, Rey Mysterio, Bandido, and Flamita, you see all this lucha representation…Back in the mid 90s when we had that first luchadore invasion, I was always in the mindset that I thought Lucha Libre was way more exciting than American Wrestling. It was more creative, it was more colorful and it was different. I think people are starting to come around to the vision I had then.”

On returning to AAA: “That’s a place that I dedicated 17 years of my career to and I was there since day one. We’ve seen so many great wrestlers come from there, whether it would be Eddie [Guerrero] or Rey [Mysterio] or Juventud [Guerrera] or Psicosis. Pentagon started there, Fenix started there LA Park started there…There’s a new group of young guys I’m working with who are gonna be big, big names in the United States in the next year. But it is a big company and there’s certain processes there which slows everything down. I kinda like working with MLW because it’s smaller and there’s not filters or politics that’s involved. With big companies [like AAA], politics are always involved.”

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