Lita Says She Was Super Uncool With How Her Retirement Went Dow

Dec 7, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Lita & Stratus went out in very different ways, as Lita was mocked after she wrestled her retirement match at Survivor Series in 2006.

After losing her farewell match to Mickie James, Lita got on the mic and started to berate the crowd, but she was interrupted by Cryme Tyme.

Shad and JTG brought a box of Lita’s stuff out into the arena, and announced that they were having a “ho sale” before they started auctioning off items such as Lita’s bra, her panties and more.

It certainly wasn’t the most graceful exit, and during an interview with Ring The Belle, Lita said that she was “super uncool” with the segment.

“I mean, I’ve always been the red-headed step child and it was not gonna end any different way. I was literally the red-headed, step child. It’s ok. I never was quiet about it. I was super uncool with it. I went up the chain. I went to the producers, I went to the writers, I went to Vince, I went back to the producers, back to the writers, back to Vince. It was a hard, ‘no’.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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