Austin says WWE should eliminate the tag rope

Dec 7, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I was watching a tag match on Monday Night RAW just the other night and there was a guy in the corner standing there with that white rope in his hands and that is supposed to be, when you hold onto it, when you hold onto the end of the rope, that’s the furthest you can get down that apron. You must be in contact with that rope, so you just don’t walk up and down that apron or try to edge your way out there to try to get a tag. This is supposed to negate that, but guys don’t know how to work the ropes anymore. Dude’s sitting there holding the midway part of the rope or they’re alligator-arming their partner or their opponent and no one’s controlling the ring, no one is cutting off the ring, and so the rope serves a purpose. And, back in the day, man, we used to use those things to choke people and do stuff like that behind the referee’s back. Obviously, these days with so many corporate sponsors, you can’t use the ropes for half the s–t we used to use those ropes for, but they are essentially there to keep a person within a certain boundary in a tag match. But they’re rarely used correctly; they’re rarely even used; no one makes mention of them. They might as well take them off the goddamn ring and just have guys there hang onto the corner because there’s nothing worse than a guy standing there kind of haphazardly holding onto the rope and then alligator-arming his opponent or his partner because they’re too close to the f–king corner. So they may as well do away with the son of a b—hes, to be honest with you. But that’s my thoughts on the tag ropes, but it goes way back, I guess.”

Source: The Steve Austin Show

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