Baron Corbin on Why He Used To Have Locker Room Heat

Dec 5, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Baron Corbin was a recent guest on Booker T’s podcast, Heated Conversations: Hosted by Booker T, and talked about when he used to have locker room heat and his current authority figure role on RAW.

Why He Used To Have Locker Room Heat: “100%, but I think that’s anything in any competitive business whether it’s UFC, the NFL, or WWE. It’s a competitive business and everybody wants to be the best. And when there’s a new guy coming in and there’s buzz about him, ‘oh, he was a pro football player,’ you instantly have people that don’t like you because they’re afraid you’re going to take their spot.” Corbin joked, “of course, I poured salt on the wound saying, ‘yeah, I’m going to take it – I get paid more than you and I’m better than you.’”

His Current Authority Figure Role on RAW: “They’re letting me have fun with it. They’re letting me do it my way as me and Vince [McMahon] loves it. For the last four weeks I’ve been the first 15 minutes of Monday Night RAW, which is crazy. That’s a John Cena spot and that’s a Roman Reigns spot and I’m doing it. And it’s a great opportunity and I love the challenge. I love being able to do that every single week and fill it. And right now, people have me for it and I love it!” Corbin explained, “like, they despise that I’m on their TV six or seven times a night.”

(The Spotlight)

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