12/5/18 WWE 205 Live Recap (Lucha House Party vs. Mike Kanellis & TJP)

Dec 5, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Drake Maverick narrated a video recapping the beating of Brian Kendrick at the hands of Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher, and then Gulak promising to make Kendrick tap.

Buddy Murphy vs. Cedric Alexander got a new hype video as well, with Alexander having the momentum after pinning Murphy last week in a tag match. In this week’s main event, Kalisto & Lince Dorado face Mike Kanellis & TJP, with Maverick saying the tornado tag match is the Lucha House Party’s specialty.

WWE went to the announcers and picked a camera angle that showed the entire side of the building being nearly empty. Gulak came out to face Kendrick, who had Akira Tozawa with him to counter Gallagher.

Brian Kendrick defeated Drew Gulak by DQ

Gulak took Kendrick down quickly for a one count. Gulak worked on Kendrick’s legs for a while and yanked on his hair before Kendrick got the ropes to break it up. Kendrick got a full nelson. Gulak escaped — so Kendrick landed a tiger suplex and got two.

Gulak hit a powerbomb and got two before transitioning into a half crab. Kendrick slugged away and escaped before Gulak landed a headbutt to the gut and worked him over with corner blows to the stomach. Gulak charged — but he ate a calf kick. Gulak got a modified ankle lock on, but Kendrick got to the ropes. Gulak slammed him and landed a giant elbow for two before grinding away with a front facelock.

Gulak and Kendrick slugged it out and Kendrick got a forearm shiver for two. Kendrick locked on the Captain’s Hook, but Gulak got to the ropes.

Kendrick landed a release dragon suplex for a near fall. He low-bridged Gulak on an O’Connor roll and sent him to the floor. Gallagher took out Tozawa, distracting Kendrick, but the schoolboy only got two for Gulak. Kendrick landed Sliced Bread, but Gallagher ran in and caused a disqualification.

Gallagher and Kendrick brawled until Gulak locked on the Gu-Lock. Gallagher took out Tozawa before Gulak and Gallagher held their hands high.

Alexander’s pin of Murphy from last week was shown in full before we went to Maverick’s interview with Murphy. Maverick talked about how Murphy has made himself some enemies — including Alexander, and there’s no home field advantage this time for Murphy.

Murphy said that he’s glad it took two people to beat him — because it was Mustafa Ali who truly beat him. Murphy challenged Alexander next week to face an opponent of Maverick’s choosing and vice versa.

Ariya Daivari’s return last week and his new team with Hideo Itami were shown.

Ariya Daivari defeated Clay Roberts

Daivari started off quick with stomps and punches in the corner. He landed a giant Cro Cop high kick in the corner before holding Roberts’ jaw and slapping him with the other hand. Daivari landed a Rainmaker — but he pulled Roberts up and did it again to a 2.9 count before bringing him back up.

A third and fourth lariat hit, but Roberts slumped down on the attempt of the fifth and the referee stopped the match. This was short and awesome. It was also the best and most memorable thing Daivari’s done yet in the company.

Ali talked about falling at Survivor Series, but helping Alexander last week. Ali said he’ll be rooting for Alexander — but he’s coming for whoever the champion is. Alexander says that he respects Ali, and he sees through Murphy’s third-grade mind games and won’t turn his back on Ali.

Noam Dar cut a terrible-sounding promo in his car on a rainy night and challenged Murphy next week. He sounded so bored in this attempt to put himself and nobody else over. He did a great job of getting himself under.

The Lucha House Party entered, sadly not followed by The Revival beating them up for cheating on Raw. Nigel McGuinness mocked them and said he can do that because they won’t understand what he says about them. Lucha House Party threw things to the crowd, which got them a bit of a reaction.

Mike and Maria Kanellis came out — with Mike’s Twitter handle showing his real name. Why even bother changing his name then?

The Lucha House Party (Kalisto & Lince Dorado) defeated Mike Kanellis & TJP in a tornado tag match

LHP worked over the heels in opposite corners with a variety of strikes. Kalisto and Dorado then landed back-to-back dives onto Mike. Dorado threw Kalisto up for a pop-up dropkick before McGuinness buried the LHP for their corrupt rule system. Dorado dove on both men off the top of the ring post to the floor.

Mike hit a spinebuster on the floor on Dorado. Maria threatened to kill Penelope the Pinata, leading to Kalisto getting taken out on the floor. Maria then destroyed Penelope. TJP and Mike kicked broken parts of the pinata around. Mike dropped Kalisto on the barricade before teaming with TJP to beat up Dorado.

Dorado landed a double Golden Rewind to give his team a bit of hope. Kalisto came in after realizing he doesn’t need to wait for a tag and fired away with a Listo kick on TJP. TJP avoided a basement rana and locked on a modified STF while Mike landed a Russian leg sweep off the apron to Dorado. TJP landed an outside-in somersault senton for two. TJP locked on the kneebar, but Kalisto got to the ropes.

Kalisto hit a super rana onto TJP, who landed on Mike. Dorado hit a snap headscissors takedown on Mike that didn’t hit flush before landing a kick that did. A superkick and bottom rope moonsault connected before a Super Crazy moonsault trifecta hit for two thanks to a TJP save.

Kalisto and Dorado unleashed a bag of many mini-pinatas. Dorado and TJP avoided them ala tacks, but TJP ate a double superplex onto the pinatas for two thanks to Mike breaking up the pin. Kalisto ate a TJP powerbomb for two. TJP demanded that Mike get the pinata, so he did before TJP got kicked by Kalisto. Maria tried to take the pinata from Kalisto. He then threw the pinata at her, knocking her into Mike.

Kalisto hit the Salida Del Sol and Dorado hit the Shooting Star Press to win.

Alexander will face Tony Nese next week, and we heard from Nese to close the show, Nese said that he has Alexander’s number.

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