12/4/18 WWE Mixed Match Challenge Recap: Truth/Carmella vs. Hardy/Flair; Miz/Asuka vs. Uso/Naomi

Dec 4, 2018 - by Michael Riba

Match #1 – Mixed Match Challenge Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Extreme Flair (Jeff Hardy and Charlotte Flair) vs. The Fabulous Truth (R-Truth and Carmella)
Truth and Hardy start the match and Truth applies a wrist-lock. Hardy turns it into one of his own, but Trush counters into a side-headlock. Hardy sends Truth off the ropes and then they dance a bit. Carmella and Flair enter the match and Flair delivers a few chops. Carmella comes back with a hurricanrana and then rolls to the floor. Hardy takes Truth down as well and then he and Flair go to the floor as well. Truth and Carmella get back into the ring and take a dance break. Flair takes Carmella down from behind and stomps away on her in the corner. Flair mocks Truth a bit and Carmella catches her with a roll-up, but Flair kicks out at two. Flair slams Carmella’s face into the mat and then goes up for the moonsault. Carmella cuts her off and takes her down to the mat. Hardy and Truth enters the match and Truth delivers a few clotheslines and then a heel kick.
Truth splashes Hardy in the corner and connects with an ax kick. Truth goes for the cover, but Flair breaks it up. Flair throws Carmella to the floor, but Carmella trips her up as well. Hardy plants Truth in the ring and goes for the Swanton Bomb, but Carmella gets on top of Truth and blocks Hardy. Flair pulls Carmella out of the way and Hardy goes for the Swanton, but Truth moves. Truth rolls Hardy up and gets the pin fall.
Winners: The Fabulous Truth
-R-Truth and Carmella advance to the semifinals, while Jeff Hardy and Charlotte Flair have been eliminated.

Match #2 – Mixed Match Challenge Tournament Quarterfinal Match: Day One Glow (Jimmy Uso and Naomi) vs. Awe-Ska (The Miz and Asuka)
Naomi and Asuka start the match and Asuka applies a side-headlock. Naomi sends her off the ropes, but Asuka counters with a shoulder tackle. Naomi comes back and goes for the Rear View, but Asuka counters and applies a waist-lock. Asuka drops Naomi and applies an ankle lock, but Naomi gets free quickly and drops Asuka to the mat. They shake hands for a second and then Asuka delivers a dropkick. Miz and Uso enter the match and Miz drops him with a shoulder tackle. Miz runs the ropes, but Uso drops him with a hip toss. Uso delivers a few arm drags and sends him to the corner, but Miz counters a charge with a boot to the face. Miz stomps away on Uso in the corner and then delivers a few dropkicks. Miz goes for one more, but Uso counters with a clothesline. Uso kicks Miz in the midsection and then delivers an uppercut and a Samoan Drop for good measure.
Uso splashes Miz in the corner and goes up top, but Miz counters and knocks him down to the mat. Miz applies a headlock down on the mat, but Uso counters with a few kicks and elbows to the midsection. Miz comes back and kicks Uso in the knee and delivers a DDT. Miz goes for the cover, but Uso kicks out at two. Miz refuses to tag in Asuka and tells her that he doesn’t trust her anymore. They argue a bit as Miz locks Uso in a front face-lock. Uso counters with an enzuiguri and tags in Naomi. Asuka enters as well and Naomi takes advantage. Naomi sends Asuka to the corner and charges, but Asuka moves. Asuka charges now, but Naomi counters with double knees. Naomi slams Asuka to the mat and goes for the cover, but Asuka kicks out at two. Asuka comes back with a kick to the face and charges again, but Naomi counters with an uppercut and a kick to the face. Naomi goes for the cover, but Miz breaks it up.
Uso sends Miz into the barricade, but Asuka sends Uso to the floor with a hip attack. Naomi and Asuka exchange roll-ups for two counts and then Asuka locks in the Asuka Lock and Naomi taps out.
Winners: Awe-Ska
-Asuka and The Miz advance to the semifinals, while Jimmy Uso and Asuka have been eliminated.

On next week’s show, the Raw Semifinal Match will feature Finn Balor and Bayley vs. Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox, while the Smackdown Semifinal Match will feature R-Truth and Carmella vs. The Miz and Asuka.

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