Hulk Hogan Working on a New WWE Contract

Dec 2, 2018 - by James Walsh

During a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio (via, Dave Meltzer noted that Hulk Hogan is likely about to sign a new deal with the WWE. 

Meltzer stated, “[Hulk] Hogan’s about to sign, but he’s not going to wrestle,” when he was asked about Pierre Carl Ouelett getting an exclusive contract with ROH, and if Ouellet was the oldest wrestler to get such a contract. 

The details and nature of the deal were not elaborated on. At 65 years old and with the amount of injuries and wear and tear he’s had on his body over the course of his career, it seems unlikely that Hogan would be making an in-ring comeback. So Hogan not wrestling is rather obvious at this point. As such, comparing his deal to Ouellet in ROH doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. 

Hogan was recently reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame, and he made an appearance the Crown Jewel event last month in Saudi Arabia.

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