Ellsworth Breaks His Silence After Allegations & Claims Faked Social Media Accounts

Nov 29, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Ellsworth is breaking his silence after losing so many opportunities and work already.He and his legal team are prepared to fight these allegations and claim to have proof of his innocence that would prove that the inappropriate content allegedly sent from Ellsworth to that fan came from a faked account.

He also threatened to go after anyone continuing the spread of the lies alleged against him.

“Recently, allegations of misconduct have been lodged against me which I categorically deny. I never have, nor will I ever engage in any activity that could be deemed as inappropriate or disrespectful. My delay in publicly commenting on this situation was based on the advice of my legal team which has just completed a thorough investigation.

My attorneys have pinpointed a trusted witness who is willing to testify on my behalf. In addition, they have uncovered concrete evidence that supports my innocence and proves that without a shadow of a doubt the social media accounts alleged to be mine are fake and the messages from the account were fraudulently created without my knowledge or consent.

My only hope is to restore my reputation as I, along with my family, friends, and supporters have suffered because of a social media stunt devised to end my professional wrestling career. My team and I are prepared to pursue legal action against any party that persists with the promotion of these lies.”

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