Natayla: “I think we are gonna headline WrestleMania this year”

Nov 27, 2018 - by James Walsh

Natalya spoke with The Wrap for a new interview discussing the state of the women’s division in WWE, plus more. Highlights are below:

On her expectations for the division’s role at WrestleMania 35: “I think we are gonna headline WrestleMania this year. I feel strongly that we will do that.”

On the division’s state: “The Women’s Evolution right now in WWE– it’s on fire. Women have never been involved as they are right now in the company, and we’re doing things every single day to show that women are at the forefront.”

On the success of women in WWE in front of and behind the camera: “We have women behind the scenes that are in charge, like Stephanie McMahon and Michelle Wilson and so many different women taking on leadership roles in the company. We had our first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view. I’ve been a part of so many first-ever, incredible female moments in the company, like the first-ever women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble, the first-ever Women’s Table Match…the time [for main eventing WrestleMania] has come.”

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