Nick Hogan Doesn’t Think Hulk Will Ever Leave Wrestling

Nov 26, 2018 - by James Walsh

TMZ Sports recently spoke to Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick, who talked about his father appearing at WWE Crown Jewel and more. Below are some highlights and a video of the chat.

Nick Hogan on his father Hulk Hogan returning to WWE at Crown Jewel: “How cool is that? That is awesome. I knew a little bit before because, obviously, I can’t say anything. It was just so cool because he had never really been to the Middle East before, so this was his first time going over to the Middle East. So, it was really interesting for him to see the reaction to Hulkamania in the Middle East. It was just a home run all around. It was so cool.”

Nick on face timing with his father while he was there: “He face-timed me from over there, and it was like — it was pandemonium. It looked like Hulkamania in the ’80s over here. It was just like so many fans and so many people that had never gotten to see him or experience him in person before. So, it was really cool.”

Nick on his father “retiring”: “Well, first of all, everybody think it’s a joke, but he’s still like over 6’5″ and over 300 pounds. He’s just a monster. And he’s strong. It’s just insane. I don’t know. he always just says he loves it. He loves training. He loves the wrestling the business. I don’t think he’ll ever quit.”

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