Former WCW star: “Basically I become like a vegetable”

Nov 26, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WCW star Vampiro has taken to Instagram to reveal some shocking news in the wake of his casket match against Crazzy Steve this weekend at WrestleCade.

On Sunday evening, the 51-year-old Lucha Underground commentator shared a photo of himself in a wheelchair at an airport and explained in the caption that sometimes he “literally can not walk” due to a condition related to neck/back injuries he’s suffered.

“Part of my condition, from this neck and back injury is that if I fly too often my body totally gives out and I lose all control of my legs and arms and hands,” he wrote. “Basically I become like a vegetable.”

Vampiro also confessed that he wasn’t feeling 100% prior to the match, but said he’d rather die than let someone down. Explaining, “Last night I was dying before the match I could not walk and I really was in pain. But the transformation when I put on my paint and the black leather and the cheering of the fans … I would rather die than let someone down.”

“I am a hard person to deal with in real life. But I am a pro all day and I won’t ever quit.”


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