Eric Bischoff Recalls Nearly Giving Davey Boy Smith the WCW Title

Nov 26, 2018 - by James Walsh

Eric Bischoff discussed Davey Boy Smith nearly getting a WCW World Heavyweight Title run on his 83 Weeks podcast recently. During a discussion of Vader’s career, Bischoff recalled that there were discussions about having Vader lose the championship to the British Bulldog in 1993 due to the rise of the European wrestling fanbase.

“I remember a conversation about it only when it relates to Europe,” he said (per Wrestling Inc). “In 1993 there was a lot of focus on Europe, especially the UK. There was a lot of things being done to try and lay the ground work on making WCW more of an established brand, especially in the UK. Germany as well, but Germany was almost secondary to the UK. There was a lot of conversation about it. People were really high on Davey Boy Smith.”

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