Taz on this week’s Smackdown: “this show pissed me off”

Nov 25, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I’m going to go over and talk about some SmackDown here in a second because this show pissed me off, to be frank. There will be comments in the show that definitely keep yours truly out of the WWE Hall of Fame… It’s disappointing and surprising because you go ahead and you watch SmackDown and you’re waiting for – Shane McMahon tweeted right after Survivor Series – we saw it, RAW beat SmackDown 6-0 excluding what New Day did on the pre-show gimmick, where they got the victory and you’re waiting because Shane tweeted about it. You’re figuring to yourself, as a wrestling fan that’s educated, you’re saying to yourself, ‘Well, gee-whiz golly what’s the deal-y-o here? I’m watching Survivor Series and see that Raw beats the living s–t from a scorecard perspective out of SmackDown, I want to see what happens. I want to see the receipt. I want to hear about the shakeup we saw Shane tweet about. He said, ‘Something needs to change.’ We got nothing, guys. You watch fricking SmackDown, pay-off. No nothing.”

source: Taz Show podcast

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