Former WWE superstar calls out John Cena

Nov 24, 2018 - by James Walsh

Alex Riley has put up two posts on Instagram calling out John Cena. Riley has blamed Cena for his WWE failures in the past. Last year, he told Jim Ross that a backstage incident with Cena hurt his career and Cena actually sabotaged him. Roman Reigns even mentioned the Riley situation during a build-up to a match with Cena.

He said at the time: “I’ll put it this way, there was an incident and it certainly changed the path of my career. I don’t want to discuss it right now, but I will one day for sure. I will one day. It was a tough situation at times, I guess we can leave it at that. Honestly, JR, I struggle with the morality of even talking about it and I’m not into blowing up anybody else at this point, but I promise you this, I will address it one day for sure. You don’t want to know. It was a tough situation.”

He wrote on Instagram:

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